Got a chancer trying to get whipcash (Whiplash compensation) from a minor bump before Xmas.

Am reluctant to just pass on my insurance company details etc to his solicitor (ambulance chasing swine) as the guy was perfectly OK and I hate cheating lying Bastards.

There was no damage to his car or to him. All we exchanged were names and addresses. I have not claimed on my insurance or notified them.

So, any advice?
Notify your insurers - now!

.........and does your insurance have a Legal rep clause?
My understanding of the Road Traffic Act is in the case of a 'bump' exchange; name, address and insurance company details. In the event of injuries the Police must be notified within 24 hours.

You may be right the other 'bod' is trying it on.

Inform your insurance company and let them fight the battle for you.

If he has genuine 'whiplash injuries' then he would have to provide medical evidence to support them, i.e. A&E report, GP notes, Hospital Consultant notes, etc.

Your insurance company will want to see them from his insurance company before they pay a penny out to him. Your insurance company may require a second opinion from their Specalists as well.

If you go to A&E with road traffic accident injuries following an accident a fee is charged (In this case his insurance company pays it, if infact he has been to A&E).

If he is asking for cash and has not provided his own insurance details to you, he may not be insured himself and trying it on.

I would inform your insurance company now and go to your nearest police station and report the accident explaining at the time there were no injuries and 'boyo' is now claiming he was injured. If he was injured he should have reported it to the police as well. I strongly suspect he is trying it on, so call his bluff. (If he has 'previous' of this type of thing, and many have the police and insurance companies will be aware).

There is scam where they reverse into you and claim you drove into them.
"There is scam where they reverse into you and claim you drove into them".

Well........if you said that he overshot the junction (or wherever you were at the time) and then reversed back into you...that wouldn't be very honest now, would it :wink:
My previous post (My Bad).

I have just been informed that all RTC's (RTA's) involving injuries should be reported to the Police immediately.

If he was injured at the time why did he not report it?

All RTC's (RTA's) not involving injuries to be reported to the Police within 24 hours.

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