Whip throws a strop

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HE117, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. I notice with interest that the Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell spat the dummy in public because Plod would not open the main gate from Downing St to let him out on his bike. I suspect the pedestrian exit was not wide enough for his ego!

    Mind you, par for the course for Chav Cav IMHO...
  2. Loads out there with the "don't you know who I am?" attitude.
  3. To which the standard response is "Yes, of course I do - you're a ****."
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  4. Initiating the Juno Protocol.

    Well played.:thumleft:
  5. According to guido the exchange went........

    “Open these gates, I’m telling you – I’m telling you, I’m the chief whip and I’m coming through these gates. Best you learn your ******* place. You don’t run this ******* government. You’re ******* plebs.”

    What a plank..........
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  6. Needs his face kicked in by the sound of it. Do him good.

    Though you have to admire his sense of timing, slagging off the police as a bunch of plebs just after two of them were murdered.
  7. When one of my nippers worked as cabin crew for BA some years ago a male passenger in biz class went ballistic because the flight had run out of copies of 'The Times,' ending in the classic, 'do you know who I am?' She gave him a look and, raising her voice so that other passengers could hear, said 'this gentleman does not know who he is, can anyone help'? He did have the good grace to apologise to her for his boorish behaviour as he left the aircraft.
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  8. Good on your kid. Most of the time it's a case of "I wish I'd said, I should've said". It's great to hear a perfect put-down.
  9. Andrew Mitchell "a former soldier" according to one press report...

    Someone out there must know his background?
  10. Of which Plod's reply should have been . .

    "You may think I'm a Pleb, but at least in a few years I'll still be here doing my job. You sir, will not!"
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  11. It would appear this utterly arrogant Cabinet of rich posh boys don't like the 'peasants' telling them what to do.
  12. Royal Tank Regiment according to his website, very closely followed by a dash to a salesman job at the nearest Defence Contractor.
  13. Ah, a Short Service Commission Wupert.

    " He served in the Royal Tank Regiment of the British Army before joining Lazard, one of the world's largest investment banks, where he worked with British companies seeking large-scale overseas contracts.[8] He is a Trustee of the E.M. Radiation Research Trust,[9] which conducts research into radiation emissions, from sites such as mobile phone masts. He was also a Senior Strategy Advisor for Accenture, the management consultancy and technology outsourcing company."
  14. There used to be a huge sign next to the "guard room" at the entrance to the US embassy in Paris, obviously put up in response to rudeness on the part of diplomats towards the marines and civvy security that guarded the place.

    It went something like:

    No-one is too big to be polite. But some are too small.
    Signed, The Ambassador
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  15. I just dont get MPs, joe public consider 90% of them less than worthless obnoxious expenses cheating bastards and they continue to live up that view. Either MPs don't give a shit about the public's perception of them or they are so far removed form the real world they don't realise.

    Before the last election all of the troughing bastards should of been told your not standing again by the relevant constituency and a whole swath of new untainted MPs should of been elected.
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