Whip round?

The Pope was planted today but looking through the piccies I think it was done on the cheap.

I know he was Polish but you'd think they'd find a better overcoat than an old MFO box......... to miserable to get any posh brass handles on it.... they've even taken away the standard twne / rope handles. They even left an old annual on top

Surely this one would have been more apt, and with all the dignataries there they could have had a whip round for the old fella.........

No chance of him rising again, the maggots will be through that in a couple of hours


a man of your calibre will already know but i shall persevere none the less.

the man has got three coffins that fit like russian dolls, one even has lead lining(i guess they dont want superman finding him!)
I see your point though, they could have put the pretty one on the outside.
I gather they ( The Vatican) exhumed an old pope some years ago and even though he was buried 40 or more years earlier he had not decomposed 8O Maybe there is something in this God malarky :?
Corporal said:
I pictured him in something like this:
Septic, we all know you picture him in a posh party helmet and speedos

or like this
Is that how they make holy water?

That reminds me of:

There was a young girl called Alice
Who peed in the vatican palace
but it was not need that prompted this deed
but pure presbyterian malice
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