Whip round for the General!!

This has just been e-mailed to me! They want a donation for the General's leaving present! Bugger off!!

Is this normal?! I know - it's Australia!!

Headquarters 7th Brigade

227-1-2 /07
COMD 149/07

25/49 RQR (Attn: CO)
9 RQR (Attn: CO)


1. As advised earlier by e-mail, a framed montage has been organised as a memento to MAJGEN Blah from 7 Brigade. Thank you for your assistance in contributing material for this gift.

2. There are some additional costs associated with the gift, mostly associated with framing. It is not appropriate for these to be funded by Defence. As foreshadowed, each unit is therefore requested to contribute $26 from non-public funds toward those costs.

3. Please contact the LO, LT Emma Bloggs to arrange a convenient time for the driver to pickup your payment. LT Bloggs can also advise preferred method of payment. Payments are requested by NLT 13 Jul 07.

A.J. Utant

Jul 07
Not in such a direct way - indirectly as a Mess Member - COs and Fmn Comds have been dined out by the WOs' and Sgts' Mess and received gifts from the Mess which as a Mess Member I've contributed to.

The thing I find bizarre is that each unit has to contribute $26 - how many units are there in 7 Bde? If it's vaguely the same as here then framing is either fcuking expensive or he's going to get a picture bigger than his house!
Welcome to the Aussie Army maaaate. Haven't been here long, have you?
Get used to it mate. There's gonna be heaps more times when someone wants to do a bit of pole smoking just to be recognised. Always at someone elses expense... wallet wise. As for $26 for framing that seems a lot. I remember being in 7 BDE and there used to be quite a few units...
Oh, and unlucky to QLD last night eh. :twisted:
Bloody foreigners, coming on here complaining about their crap army customs. I don't know, I really don't. Maybe it's down to their dollar being worth half a Smartie...
Aha! Cunning buggers!

Second thoughts.... no. $26 per Unit = 10c per person = 1xSmartie. It's the Aussies having a whinge again. Leave them to it, I say. :D
I feel an Ausssie joke coming on...........time:

Radio Host: "For our next caller on the show who can give us a new word and put into a sentence. So what's your word Bruce?"

Caller: "Garn."

Radio Host: "Garn? Can you put that in a sentence Bruce?"

Caller: "Yeah. Garn feck yourself!"

Radio Host: "Whoops. Listeners that's out of order. Sorry about that. Let's have the next caller please."

Caller: "Hi. My names Bluey and I've got a word for you."

Radio Host: "Go ahead Bluey..whats your word?"

Caller: "Smee."

Radio Host: "Smee? Never heard that before caller, can you put it into a sentence?"

Caller: "Sure I can. It's smee again and you can still garn and feck yourself!"
Whoops! must be hiccups as I'm quaffing a star beer or three!
And another piece of Aussie Radio Call in folklore:

DJ: So, Amanda, you have once chance to win the car, and all you have to do is tell us the craziest place you've ever made love!

Caller: Oh God, I couldn't!

DJ: C'mon, don't be shy, just think of that thirty thousand dollar car..

Caller: Ah Jeez, my boyfriend would just kill me!!

DJ: I'm sure he's a big boy, and he'd just love the car!

Caller: ooohh.. Alright! up the arrse!!

DJ: Errr.. Ok.. and this is a taste of 1982, "Down by the sea", by Men At Work.
Whiskybreath said:
Bloody foreigners, coming on here complaining about their crap army customs. I don't know, I really don't. Maybe it's down to their dollar being worth half a Smartie...
Hahaha... Laugh? I nearly pissed meself. You'll be able to tell us a few more funnies when you eventually do what all Englishmen do... move over here. Come on mate, you know you're gonna, so play nice eh. :D
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