Whip aerials

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jimtylee, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. At the risk of becoming tiresome i've noticed that all the prc 349/350/351 the flexible aerial on them is bent like a boomerang/banana ...where they issued from new like this ?????? or could it be the tremendous rf output has
    put a curve into them.......i like mine to be straight (said the actress) just received my 349 a few days ago with bent aerial..............
  2. Its probably rough use over a twenty year service life.
  3. You'll have some sad signaller along any time shouting "ITS AN ANTENNA, NOT AN AERIAL" :)
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  4. Why are you using PRC?! As mentioned above, they're probably all bent and twisted cos they've been in use for ******* decades and have (literally) been dragged backwards through more hedges than you've ever imagined.
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  5. generations of squaddies have been using them as back-scratchers.
  6. Or because they were an utter **** when extended for catching on fences, trees and hedges and bouncing off your grid when on patrol so everyone ever issued one bent the antennae through the loop on the top of their webbing yoke or bergen lid to stop them catching.
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  7. PRC Portable radio communications was i believe the official designation for these models.......it is quoted on all their tech documents..... no need of course to use it on the forum i guess......
  8. I think he meant why are you using a shite obsolete radio rather than PRR, but glancing at your other posts it looks like your just a curious radio geek and havent actually used one in anger (or more accurately carried one turned off for several days because its fucked and the constant white noise is starting to grate, although to be fair I did once end up carrying a 351 with some sort of fault that made it like a handy, if heavy, portable radiator)