Whining sprogs

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Aunty Stella, Sep 26, 2004.

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  1. After listening to a few stories during and after the Arnhem weekend, I was just wondering what the latest whines were from the latest additions to the Corps?

    Too many guards, nasty badge man making you polish your boots, NCO's being horrid and depriving you of your after dinner jelly?

    P1ss taking aside, what is it that makes some (not all) of the Atprs run around bitching like they had just had their sacks set on fire?
  2. I thought 100% the same until I read the story about the Blues and Royals sprog getting the George Cross.

    The PC world I'm sure doesn't let the training NCO's get away with half as much as they used to, and I can't imagine Cpl Spafford running behind the troop run belting everyone across the back of the legs with a pique handle for lagging behind.

    After speaking with a couple of senior ranks this week who were Jnco's at the time I left they seem to despair of todays Toms, thier hands are tied and the Gaols are empty.

    Can they still do show parades in training or is changing uniforms alot deemed too much for the duvet gang?

    Are we just whining dinosaurs with chips on our shoulders?

    Last time I went to 9 Regt was for Sid Boores funeral, I was astounded at the way some of the Junior Ranks spoke to the SSMs and newly comissioned ex rankers. I came away thinking, these fellas all need a tour of Germany, the UK shouldn't be a first posting.

    I feel that a Germany posting made a better bloke out of a Tom, he couldn't run away at weekend, unless it was to Hamburg, Munich or Amsterdam (either way the end result was beer and whores) Shame there aren't enough Regts in Germany to cope with the blokes out of the Box, and its unfair for NI to be overrun with inexperience.

    Yes we all used to whine like fcuk about the Germans and how crap it was, but looking back it was superb, all your money was for beer, cheap petrol, cheap beer, and whores.

    Perhaps a solution is to gate everyone in the UK, and open a knocking shop next to the NAAFI.

    Or to burst in to all the sprogs rooms, tomb stone them and pan thier lights in :D
  3. lol, great idea.
  4. MDN, you mention the fact about familiararity within the ranks....good point and I may have the answer as to why.

    In 1993/4 the first female soldiers joined the AAC and whilst Im not labelling them with the blame their was a problem with the Non Coms as most were heard to call the girls by first name and the boys by surname.

    This has led over the passage of time to a more RAF type of unit with regard to payment of the correct compliment.

    The only way to resolve this is for those people whom are serving should regard that paying a compliment to a senior is precisely that...a means of acknowledging what they have achieved.

    And until all ranks regardless of sex are treated equally by the whole of the AAC the problem will exist.

    The vast array of weddings involving juniors and seniors doesnt really help either.

    A further problem is borne over from the MQ's as rank has no privilege anymore SSM's are living next door to Toms and as such need to be able to talk freely with the neighbours etc.

    It remains unfortunate that with an ever evolving AAC their will be troubles, which only time can resume.

    As for the whingeing, its always been there and probably always will.
  5. Forward thinking or what? Donut, you were always ahead of your time mate!

    (had a Gyros pita mit Zatziki last night.......it's repeating on me now)
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Gaviscon is the way ahead!
  7. Agree with mutts that the whining has always been there, but we whined about proper issues such as prices of whores and length of stags at the GOM etc :D

    this lot whine about having nothing to whine about because all is pink, fluffy and PC.

    This all came from a pair of current senior ranks whining about whining sprogs
  8. Well, I ran a couple of sproggs over the other day just because they looked a bit 'gay'.

    I dare them to go to their MP.
  9. It hasn't happened yet on this thread but please do not blame the NCO's at training depots. I worked at Winchester for nearly 4 years. The guys did have their hands tied and the top shelf were definately playing a numbers game. Try and UAS or MD some of the recruits who were crap and you were the ones in court fighting for your career cos some PC git of a lawyer was being fed half truths by a sad crow. But has everyone forgot that the real army starts in the field units. The basic training is in the past then and army life starts propper.In training every NCO screams and shouts and in units they calm down.

    Do not get me wrong. I saw some bloody good kids coming through the door. I have watched the careers of a couple of them and they are doing fine. But on the other hand some of them were down and out dross and did not deserve to be in the Chip frying department of Burger king let alone in the Army. One thing is however for sure. There are not enough NCO's or SNCO's for that matter that ensure the respect is paid. They are too scared to shout and when they do they end up having a bollocking from the SSM's who are having the sermon from the OC of 2ic about being pink and friendly to the troops. By all means get to know your men. You have to as an NCO. In the correct environment ie Adventure training, the unwritten law is rank goes out of the window. The day AT is finished, its back to basics. Females included. Yes I know of a couple of marriages like as mentioned in previous threads. It does not and will not help the system but I'm sorry, it is the 21 century. As long as they are not in the same unit and the higher of the ranks does not try to coerse the superiors of the unit the wife or even husband is in, then it should work. But I have also seen that happen and god does it ruin morale.

    To all those who wish to be respected though.........remember it is mutual. Treat a person like sh@t and he will feel the same. Give people rope and they will either make nets to reap the benefits or hang themselves. But you as NCO's or SNCO's need to teach them to make the nets.

    Ref the lad in the Blues and royals, well, you will always get the few in battle that will prove themselves beyond the expectations of others. He was a modest young man who did a brave thing in the face of danger. But others do things equally well and do not get recognition. It is these people who need to be thanked for a job well done when it is. Not just ignored and nothing said. they will soon start to feel as though they are not being recognised and will lose interest and morale. This is the contageous thing. Others will latch on very quickly and then you have a unit or department in dissaray.

    A quick well done, a bit of AT, and a solid firm but fare attitude will normally change the attitude of some troops. If you are not willing to go the extra yard yourselves..........how will your troops. NCO's who are too friendly are a part of the cause of the attitude problems in field units. Other things like the lack of daily parades, Drill parades, hard training and NCO's not actually knowing their job or being too inexperienced is another reason.

    MDN knows how it was in the day cos his first unit was a peach to be in. Chaz L as SSM. Pete G~@N as training SSgt. It was great. Well I think it was anyway.
  10. Ref the last from The Warden, its all true, only having 1 regt in germany (the finest drinking regiment in the aac) is a drama, tops off with the rest of your squadron in the bar, as you slag off fat loggies is priceless,
    but you look at the standard coming through, there are some genuine top lads, who generally cut the mustard. however, internal postings need to be looked at, and the quality of the training given by NCO's in the units, 4 regt have got a gleaming idea, a training troop, for the first 3 months in the regiment, all the trade and soldier stuff brushed up on, it looks like it works. need to get back to proper class 2 courses held in units too, signals is fine, 3 weeks course and a decent exercise, but all this record of achivement stuff for goundcrew and driving is bollox, no end of damage is caused by this to the sprogs, let alone the lack of teaching oportunities for lance jacks and full screws
  11. Golf 11 - I could not agree more. It was a travesty that someone was given the go ahead to bring in a pathetic record of achievement style upgrading. In may last unit I saw so many guys whos documentation was left so late. The training side were trying to blame it on the individuals. WRONG. Command and control is what this army is all about and it is up to heads of department to get off their backsides and check to see that the soldiers under them are cared for. It is however there due to cuts. It is up to the relevant MTWO's and Master Groundies to badger Middle Wallop to reinstate proper upgrading courses where the guys learn something and get the qualification at the end if they are good enough. Some will say there is so much time spent away on operations. Well, have guys shipped in to allow those who are in the frame to be upgraded or put on Cadre courses. Run proper pre courses to gain an idea on whether a soldier will cut the mustard. Not just send them and hope for the best.

    Oh, by the way....... Ask the whinging toms if they know where the Sudan is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Are 2 year tours still happening for groundies in 5 Regt?

    how many miles walked on the pan
    how many scooby burgers eaten
    how many hours of MTV

    how many blokes signing off as soon as they can