Whining Pads!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by S_A_P, May 17, 2004.

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  1. Decided that after hearing pads complain about everything and nothing it was time for a new voice, a new hope to step into the fray and fight the singlies corner!
    Why do pads complain about their quarters? You pay relatively speaking, peanuts for a house which would cost you much more in civie street. When anything happens to your house i.e plumbing, you ring the families officer or most likely guardroom. Who then get onto the problem straight away. When this takes more than an hour , you complain and insult,and bitch 'bout it.
    Have you ever thought that again in civie street you'd have to do this all yourself and pay for the repairs and callout yourself.
    Complaining about singlies comming in pissed and stealing bikes. Here's a novel idea - secure them away! If you leave your bike in your garden you deserve to have it nicked for leaving it out.
    And as for the noise, have you all forgotten about being young? Or considered that (again) in civie street the same things happen but people still put up with it.
    And for my last point (for now) to top it all off you get paid for getting laid! E.g why use a condom when you can get your missus knocked up and get paid more money by your employer for doing so! What gives you the right that just because you have kids you should get paid more money? wot other jobs give that incentive to their work force?
    You'll slag me down for this post but f**k it, it's bout time you woke up to the thought that in the army pads are wrapped in cotton wool and certanly better off than singlies or their counterparts in civie street.

    As i sed say what you want but don't expect us singlies to take it lying down!!
  2. I'm not a pad , not even "in" anymore, just one point from me...how much do you think you would pay for accommodation and food in civvie street?
  3. More than what we do now - singlies and pads. After being a student before i joined and renting a dive disguised as a house i know how much we all save living in barracks. It's 'bout time we appreciated what we got and stop moaning 'bout stuff. Aimed mostly at pads who from personal experince do most of the moaning at work and for no good reason!
  4. S_A_P said:

    Erm, what the F*&k are you doing moaning for then?
  5. erm if you read the whole passage you might understand?!
    my point being that for months i've read and heard pads complaining and thought it was time to get up on my soap box and tell them that pads are a bunch of moaning c**ts. PAds aint got a clue how lucky they are compared to the singly breathen.
    Next time read the whole post before opening that large trap of yours?!!
  6. Oooh, look who's getting excited now then. I did read the whole of your thread. It was you who stated that you don't like wingers and then you tramp on yourself. Double standards that!

    However, now you have opened the can of worms, stand back.

    I pay for my quarter, the people I work with don't. That sucks.
    I pay for my fuel and light, the people I live with don't, that pi**es me off.
    I get less LOA than everyone else in BFG, that really pi**es me off.

    If you think that you are getting a sh*t deal, take a step back and think about others as well.

    My tax threshold has been reduced constantly over the last 5 years and that f*cks me off. Then, too top it all off, 2.8% pay raise, Brown's have a f*cking laugh.

    I have a shit deal too, but doesn't.

    Quit complaining and get on with the job.
  7. OOHHH the pins been pulled!!

    I think its you who's getting excited but lets remain objective. Taking in what you sed i want to know one thing. why do your colleagues not pay?
    However as for me just getting on with it, why should i when the table is stacked so much in pads favour who despite this still whinge like bitches when its bitter twisted guys like me and you who have the right!

    I think we should all take a moment to reflect on whats been sed and agree i'm right!!lol!!
  8. Blah Blah Blah!!

    I could sit here and moan all day long about things.. but it wont do me any good or change things!

    i have to pay out OVER half my wages ( and im not on bad money) just to live and thats only rent,council tax,water rates,gas and electric then theres my tv licence and food on top so im then left with enough money to go out once a month on the piss.

    my brother is a pad and he is alot better off than me
    i also have a single mate in the army and he has lots more money than me But earns less
    so maybe you dont have it that bad in the army hey??
  9. You've all got valid points and I've seen the light. How could I of been so wrong. Please accept my sincerest apologies!
    Just a thought 'tho maybe we could start a disgruntled singly/pad/know a pad, support group?! What you reckon? Can we unite the masses, together we can be strong!!lol!!
    Answears on a postcard!! :D
  10. Lick my b**** Mr S_A_P :lol:
  11. The Army needs Pads if all Pads up and left into civvie street there would be no Army...

    PADS have families these families have to put up with
    1. Loved one comming home at 5 grabbing his webbing and disapering for 6months.

    2. Loved one comming home from 6 mths tour to go on three week adventure training which is compulsary (usually the idea of young single subie)

    3. loved ones realising they come second to the MOD who really dont care about quality of life...

    4. loved ones having to deal with pissed singlies who think its a laugh to wake everyone up at 3 am then nick their three yaer olds bike which they love with the excuse we we all young once..

    5. loved ones dealing with pissed singlies phoning at 3 am to say they wont be at work because they got pissed and broke their arm..

    What do they get in return....
    Reduced Rent i.e civvie pays £ 300 we pay £150
    we still pay bills
    we still pay around the same ciloct

    emm maybea I should go to civie street pay £150 more and still have a wife :eek:
  12. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Don't care how novel you think it is. A thief is a thief and should have his f@*k!n hands chopped off!!!!!!
  13. Agreed IS Ski Geek. I might spend this weekend nicking alloys from all the cars outside the SLA. They were left out after all :roll:
  14. Yes lets go on a mad rampage and steal everything not tied down!!
    Although, sap sed if they wern't secured away. Alloys tend to be connected to things like say for instance cars? So we'd have to steal the whole car which is another argument altogether!!
    I think that maybe sap was taking the piss with this post?[/quote]
  15. it is a pads army, i like my free meals in the cookhouse, robbing the singlies bogroll, free car oil out the L.A.D., free soap out of the garages, it saves me a fortune, now i have so much money I just dont know what to do with it!!! I know, ill go sick to get off guard (hopefully a singley will get spammed with it)then ill go and knock the mrs up for more LOA! not before i demand a shed load of batteries for the kids xmas toys! who are these whining pads your on about? life here is rosy! apart from that blown lightbulb, never mind tho, ill get one of the singlies on guard to get the families officer out to get it sorted. f*cker better be here soon tho, the last one was a right p*ss taker making me wait an hour, a sponging discrace to the uniform, personally tho, getting back to the original thread, id say the stinking singlies were bigger moaners than the pads, all said i do moan when i get paid in £20's, it gets heavy, £50 notes are a lot easier.