Whining Gits Rant.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    You know the type. The one's who bleat on and on and on about something that is out of your control.

    To you out there (and you know who you are :wink: the normal hanger on) get over it. It will happen eventually! Banging on about it on a daily basis doesn't help me to help you.

    FFS it's only a medal!
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Fair one!
  3. Does someone need a hug?
  4. or a slap
  5. Maybe if your office was open for more than 30mins a day your customers would be a little less threaders.

  6. Is Ivy about :roll:
  7. But I deserve my battle of Jubilee medal!
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How dare you! On Monday's it's nearly an hour.
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Maybe, but it's still half day on Wednesdays FFS!
  10. Ah would said conversation revolve around the "missing" Long Service and Good Conduct medal? :)
    Well ten days in nick usually means you won't get it!!!!! :lol:
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    No, being a moaning tart means you wait for it.
  12. Fcuk me.......I AM impressed!!

    For starters, I've only just realised that some thieving cnut has nicked my GSM and (b) whilst I admit I've been whining like the school poof who's just had his dinner money nicked by the school bully, t has only been to myself, in my own head, although, admittedly, it has been every day for the last week!!!

    However, I will take on board your very astute advice and sort my pointless life out forthwith!!
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Noted. Who says this place isn't educational.
  14. As a facilitator of a highly regarded and respected service it is within your power to not only provide an excellant service to the custom that approaches your in tray, but also expect it in return.....

    Providing this is seen in a civilian manner a customer care service. If this was a peace work employment, many serving personnel would be on minimum wage. Because although to you it is a mere medal to the vast population over 15 years service it is everything. We all expect and rely in efficiency and as the powers that be expect this 150% of the time, so why should us mere mortals (With holes in our arses) not also wish for the same service......

    Having recieving no form of response to a request should surely make any common man want an answer eventually, think if you were after information on a new TV you ordered.. would you wait more han a week or two... Highly unlikely...

    And yes even if you have done everything in your power the one looks at his/her own world and not the entire universe.....

    PS See you Monday for more requests........
  15. Oh, and don't even of think of catching him this afternoon - he's in the bar already. The lizard 8O