Whinging Scalies

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Feb 27, 2005.

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  1. Royal Corps of Whingers?

  2. My thumb is overdeveloped coz I play my XBox/PS2 loads.

  3. I don't care I'm leaving or transferring anyway!

  4. We're just going thorugh a rough patch just now.

  1. Is it me or is there an ABNORMALLY large number of whining workshy muppets in today's Royal Corps of Signals?

    As a non-Scalie, it seems to me that the new Corps pastime is bitching, as there seems to be a new thread whining, about this irrelevance, or that really unimportant issue, started every other day.

    Why is this? Are there too many of the PlayStation/XBox generation in your ranks nowadays? Or is the shape of your beret THAT important to you?

    I have to say that, on the strength of what I have seen in the Sigs Forum, if I was considering joining up and was viewing this site the Signals would probly be near the bottom of my list.
  2. I have a theory, and being ex-Sigs myself, having seen the light and got out of the Corps back in 1987, think I may be qualified to forming that theory.

    For as long as the Corps has existed it's main roll in life has been to support various levels of HQ in their communication requirements. This has lead to the strange situation that from siggy up to full-screw you have a job to do, and one in which you are seen to be doing that job. In fact, you are only really noticed when things stop working.

    From Sgt upwards, apart from the obvious of SQMS and Recce Sgt, there is nothing for you to do on ex/ops. That wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that the roll of supporting an HQ means that you are left with the dilema of having nothing to do in front of a lot of high ranking officers. Not good news.

    This has traditionally been overcome by the seniors making things for the lads to do, and what's worse, in order to be noticed doing thing (usually pointless stupid things) they have to make sure that they are seen supervising the lads while being as loud as they can be while doing it.

    That wasn't too much of a problem in the old days. There were plenty of lads to share out the work while still keeping comms in and having a comfortable life. Now things aren't like that any more. the lads can see that they are just going to get messed around and shouted at and even worse, they know that they are going to have to play the supervising at volume game in front of the saff officers if they get beyond full-screw.

    Wouldn't you winge?
  3. Yawn!!

    Ye Olde Addage,

    If you havent anything relevant to say just post b0llox!!

  4. Between 88 and 92 I was HQ 1(BR) Corps as a trog driving and operating BSV's. We deployed on every major sigs excise held throughout the year, and everything you have just said is very, very true. I don't know how they could stand it.
  5. Nice logic DuckDogger - "I'm bored with the scaleys whinging, so I'll start a topic whinging about their whinging!"

    I had hoped that the whinging little cnuts had got bored and crawled back into their holes - but then you came along........
  6. Doomsayer.

    I ain't having a dig but look at it from a non-Sigs point of view. The portrait that your colleagues are portraying right now isn't exactly rosy is it?

    Is your Corps REALLY that bad or is it just a few malcontents who are blowing things out of proportion? What's YOUR view then?
  7. Then kill this thread too.

    Please can the Siggy MOD kill all these type threads at birth.

    That would also stop the rumors from spreading around Blandford and it might give the Staff a chance to do their job. We know they don't all want to be there or do what they are told to do but it is their DUTY after all.
  8. That sonds like a plea for the end to free speech, followed by the squeel of somebody loosing control. Are the Corps going through that much of a bad patch?
  9. VERY GOOD Point P-P.

    Silencing the malcontents will merely direct their energies in a different direction. I just really want to know why things seem to be SO bad. Years ago, when I was in, I worked with 249 Sig Sqn, on two occasions, and found them to be a great bunch, from the youngest Siggy up, a WELL MOTIVATED unit.
  10. So only the Sigs have bad times? I don't think so but other Corps or units (in the last three weeks) have not been posting gossip and hammered away, spouting vauge chit-chat and rumours.

    Don't know about you PP but in Basic we were not allowed to wear "elastics" and "trouser bolusers" were't invented then.

    We felt a sense of belonging , Esprit de corps if you will with even with such a small relaxation of the regulations.

    To read here that it is a point of contention is nonsensical .

    Freedom of speech is a human right in all democracies, shame we don't serve in one .
  11. Duck Dogers

    2489 Ahhh How long ago was that?

    Just a quick answer will do. If it was 20 years + then you would know the truth.

    Those long in the tooth might also remember the Crevats, Wet combats the best thing for wind chill and posting out if desired. They might also remember the great.... in Norway when... the RSm was...Motivation was not the term used and on the return ...........

    only 19 siggys.

    but thats long ago and only history.
  12. I might start a post whinging about people whinging about whinging scalies.

    I dunno why but from what i've experienced the problem gets bigger the larger the unit. And i agree with plant-pilot, Its bored seniors doing it to get noticed. 95% of them it aint their fault either somebody above them has got bored and passed it down or it's coming up to CR time and they need to get noticed. I know of a TM troop that had more sgts than Cpls. And the larger the unit the more bored seniors. Thats why 249 was ok cos they werent that big.

    The somebody decided the cold war was over and we didnt need to defend ourself from the russians any more.
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Fair dues Bull. You could indeed start such a thread. Point taken.

    Really I just want to know how OTHER folks are seeing things going wrong instead of the beret brigade and the now prevalent XBox generation who are aggreived that they have to get up before 9am.

    I have no doubts, at all, the other Corps/Regts have problems too, but you have to admit, I am afraid, that Sigs certainly seems to be the most vocal right now.
  14. there is a big problemof r sigs career shouting big time. I know a staffy who didn't get recommend because his OC said he wasn't nasty enough because he wasn't nasty enough because he wasn't kind of guy who shouted at the fat kid on co's pt.

    However the xbox generation makes it worse because it always used to be you went to the bar or pub and whinged/laughed about it over a few beers now except when the footballs on the bars are empty and these xbox'rs moan the bars shit cos no one goes.

    Maybe there are just to many people willing to whinge and not enough willing to try and make a difference.
  15. Why are the sigs so vocal.

    Well firstly there are some very intellegent people in the signals with absolutly NO common sense. We all know who i'm talking about.

    Secondly i notice a lot ofthe recent whinges have been made by fairly new members. Probably brought on by the fact that ARRSE is kicking up quite a fuss at blandford at the moment. The X box generation have all started to get bored now anyway. so give it a few weeks and they'll go away.