WHinging Pilots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by loggiepuke, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Oh the poor Love, quote from pilot to home from Kandahar

    We have had cold water in the blocks since we arrived. All the immersion heater elements are broken. So much for looking after the troops! Yesterday they came to tell us that most of the blocks are in the same boat. So they have robbed elements from those blocks that work and given every block 1 element to go in the top of the boiler. This means that the water is hot for about 3 poeple to have a shower before the rest of us get a cold one!

    Bummer eh?!
  2. Aircrew whinge, it's what they do. He's probably a Tristar jockey who spends one day in theatre every 3 months. I certainly hope it's not a helicopter chap, I expect better of them.

    What's the difference between a pilot and his aircraft?

    The aircraft stops whining after it's landed.

    I shall fetch my sheepskin jacket and flyng helmet.
  3. Why is it that when you arrive at Brize at 3.00 pm on a Friday afternoon that the entire Hercules fleet - regardless of worldwide commitments - is parked on the tarmac?
  4. If the entire Herc fleet is parked at Brize then you have travelled through time. It isnt leaving Lyneham until 2009.
  5. Just because you lot seem to take some perverse pleasure in living in squalid conditions, it doesn’t mean we all have to. The fact that accommodation on RAF units is generally better than that on army units is because people do complain, as they are entitled to do. The fact that this is Kandahar rather than a MOB makes no difference. Why do you feel the need to slag off someone who is just trying to improve the quality of life? Any fool can be uncomfortable, so perhaps you should consider trying to raise your standards instead of expecting us to come down to your level!
  6. Having a close relative on one of the (not herc!) sqns at Brize, i can comment with some authority that the fleet is most definately not parked up at 3.00pm on a friday.

  7. good one :D :D :D
  8. Funny that, but when we got to Kandahar we were that short of accomodation we had to squat in a yank tent, great considering that Crab were hogging all the existing accom with too many people doing too few jobs for too short a time. No probs, one of my tasks was as the supervising officer on the tier 2 accom build there, which is some of the best accom I have seen on ops and it was put in exceptionally early into the deployment.
    As for raising standards, one of my biggest problems, was trying to convince Crab that they were 4 man rooms for a reason, not single man rooms for aircrew. Just because you are aircrew does not mean you get 5 star accom, didnt get the Apache drivers at Bastion complaining and they are at the sharp end a bit more often.
    If Crab cut down a bit on the Hotel side of life and all of the jollies, then there might be a bit more money in the kitty to buy a few elements..... :p
    If all they complain about is that they have to get a cold shower, whoopdy doo. My heart bleeds for them, the stuff should be going to the boys at the sharp end....
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It's 3.30pm.
  10. Hmm

    There was me thinking that this was the ARMY website. All you Crabs should have tried harder at school (and stuck up for yourselves) and then you could have got into the Army.

    I am staggered that service personnel think they have a 'right' to complain
  11. Na... Far too late, it's POETS day... Gone by midday.
  13. The accom here in KAF is actually quite good in my view and is certainly better than our accom in Aldershot. Yes the showers are cold sometimes at peak periods but having slept in the cab of a 4 tonner for 6 months on Granby, I can certify that things are improving!

    Anyway back to the crab hate fest. In the immortal words of a certain RRF Officer, they really are all 'utterly utterly...'
  14. It will be sorted for them... Well, the current CDS is a crab, isn't he?
  15. I hear the sound of some fat bait hitting the water.

    Wah Dar on and scanning....