whinging paddy terrorist website

any NI veteran fancies a giggle POL brennan escaped from the maze ran to the states got picked up by the Texas highway patrol and now in jail in Texas as a Terrorist.
homeland security is down on him like a ton of bricks probably due to not that many terrorists in the US so he's fucked
Go on, escape that you twat.
My heart pumps purple pith for the poor wee chap...... Bless. :p
What a difference a few plane crashes make. US lawmen arresting an Irish terrorist? Now I've seen everything...
"Pol Brennan was serving 16 years for possession of firearms when he joined a violent break out of the Maze prison by 38 inmates in 1983, during which a prison officer was fatally stabbed."

I remember that causing me a few 'nights out of bed'. I notice that on his website the bit called 'Facts about Pol Brennan' doesn't mention him being PIRA filth.
No chance of the Texans putting him on "ole sparky" then?
The Congressmen said that, in light of his 19-year marriage to American Joanna Volz, "and provisions in the law to waive his prior unlawful presence in the US, Mr. Brennan ought to be granted the opportunity to contest the charge of removal with the privilege of release on bond.

“His continued detention is not justified for the security of the United States or its people nor is he a flight risk."

I wonder if the US would be so lenient if his name was Pol Bin Laden?

Let the ****** rot.


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Funny how they stear clear from the word terrorist, must be different when you support him

Referred to as a
Irish Republican political refugee and Former Irish political activist

He was jailed for
Political actions in the north of Ireland

Maybe Bin Laden should use those as an excuse if they ever get hold of him


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I just love his new address:

Pol Brennan

A88 785 324

South Texas Detention Complex

566 Veteran's Drive

Pearsall, TX 78061
My bold!!! :D
One hopes that being some poor 'Irish Republican political refugee and Former Irish political activist' does not have bubba using him as a glove puppet, cell btch.
he will get kicked out of the states with a do not return ever stamped ****** on his passport eventually :twisted:
let off here though :(
But his life is well and truly fucked :D .
Bet being in a Texas jail labeled a terrorist is not a barrel of laughs thats probably why he's in solitary :D
more chance of survival in the general prison population if you were black and liked raping little blond girls :evil: than being labeled a foreign terrorist.
bet nobody's going to ask about the troubles before they shove the skank in
I do hope he has been raped.
I particularly liked this comment:-

"Pol is in confinement in a federal detention center in Texas and is likely to remain there at least until September. Please contact your local elected representatives and ask, why are former Irish political activists being targeted by Homeland Security? They are no threat they have found new lives and new loves here in the US and wish only to be allowed to live in peace with their families."

So there is no chance the poor mite hasn't trained alongside middle eastern terror cells during his time as a 'political activist'? I'd say that was a pretty strong case for keeping him locked up in the name of Homeland security.

Fcukin' let him rot.

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