Whinging Non Para People

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 216Mong, Dec 24, 2004.

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  1. Everyone should have to attempt P-Company to try and get some balls!!!
  2. Mong by name...
  3. School holidays. :roll:
  4. Did you "attempt" it and fail then Mong? Don't worry my balls are huge, and will compensate for your inadequacy!
  5. I am quite happy without any actually - much prefer what I've got :lol: :lol:
  6. just passed last week have you? Get a life you little fcuking wanabe!
  7. As a Paratrooper of 15 years and 400 plus jumps, I can honestly say I have met some quality blokes (with balls) who are not para trained and some toilets who are.

    Thing is its personal, everyone does it for different reasons and takes from it different things.

    Some Crow looking for a reaction is par for the course....Im not agreeing nor diagreeing with him, but all Ill say is that if he is a Good Para he will never fail a fellow Paratrooper.

    PS, If no Hats had reacted he would have been gutted.....No Offence!
  8. By Hat I take it you refer to the wearer of a beret that was not stolen from the army aircorps :twisted:
  9. Agreed. The one's with the real cojones rarely go on about it. :roll:

    btw, Topper's not a 'hat.'

    If 216 Mong went for test week and passed and never posted anything about it...............
  10. Pgorge said
    This was certainly the support I found over more than 25 years working amongst what seemed to be every regiment and corps in the army. We recognised this solidarity when trying to investigate something that the toms did not want solved. Also taken on board was fact that they were quite capable of policing their own. It would take more than a P course to inculcate this spirit and attitude.
  11. tool
  12. Is that 216 Bty Bolton Royal Arty?
  13. I wonder if the mong has written to father Christmas asking for some para wings and a set of men's testicles?

    I can imagine the look of delight when he see's his stocking in the morning.

  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I was expecting to have to moderate this thread when it started but I think Mr Mong has received a small amount of what he deserves for his immature booze sozzled posting.

    Mong.......P Coy doesn't make you a man, it makes you a person with burns on your shoulder blades and a well recognised and respected sense of determination.

    There are many signs of "having balls" such as spending every break in a TAB patching up blisters or sending a sitrep whilst the toms get a brew on. If you had ever done any soldiering you would know that strength comes from what you have to do for your mates, not from a course.
  15. Truth Hurt :lol: