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Whinging Idiots

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by choff, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. So, I have seen lots and lots and lots of whinging from everybody in this section thus far, what Im interested in knowing is, what is the single biggest gripe that exists in the Corps.Lets see if we can give it a name eh
  2. has to be wearing uniform and having to carry a rifle ocassionaly
  3. I love the Corp ... dont know what you have to gripe about!
  4. Every meal a banquet, every pay check a fortune.

    One Corps', Hard Corps', ROYAL CORPS!!!
  5. Every meal a banquet, every pay check a fortune.

    One Corps', Hard Corps', ROYAL CORPS!!!
  6. Yeah well said.
  7. What is your main gripe Choff?
  8. square heads down for the big bosh gang bang
  9. my biggest gripe would have to be whingeing fools

    ironic huh?
  10. I know we have a big whinge at times but no need to start a thread actually looking for whinges.

    Whinge today, whinge gone tomorrow.
  11. Or we can whinge about people whinging about people whinging......................................................................................
  12. Sounds like a familiar story just lately......I am not going to whinge though because today I woke up and my beautiful bunch of flowers I received as A nice pressie bloomed and filled my day with colour and joy..........then I went to work
  13. You are all entitled to whinge. Its in the contract. Somewhere. Read between the lines..
  14. The powers that be getting minty about TRF's and badges and bulled fcuking boots when lads can't draw waterbottles out of the stores.
  15. well I must say I am impressed that people have shown such restraint, as for someone asking what my gripe is, whinging idiots that whine about stuff that simply isnt worth whining about.