Whinging gits

Now I'm as tollerant as the next man of others differences but am I the only one that is getting just a pit peed off with the constant whinging and bitching about anything and everything. It seems everytime a story comes out of the Mid East it's another whinge about being wronged by someone over something. Cant they just try and be nice to someone for a change? They can't all be stupid racist bigots surely.



http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4709380.stm etc... and thats just the BBC.

STOP IT PLEASE WE NO LONGER CARE, you whinging to$$ers.
reference to the photo of the man with the huge fuking bat? where was the public outcry and world condemnation of his wailing the fuk out of unarmed civilians who hadnt even resorted to using petrol bombs and grenades??


oh i forgot it isnt a British squaddie its more than likely a muslim copper kicking fuk out of another muslim......not news then :roll:
Yeah, its not news, and theres no cause there that some lefty tweed/elbow pad wearer can cling to, no one to sue for damages so no point in an out-cry........

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