Whinging Civvie Tree Huggers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Capt Cheeky, Sep 30, 2003.

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  1. In the style of an exam paper...

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    To start off...

    Dartmoor, Otmoor, Stanford, SPTA, Lulworth, Otterburn, Porton Down, Lydd - do anyof the tree-hugging creeps honestly think for a second that any of these places would exist, in anything like the state they are in now (i.e. free of insectides, massive biodiversity, etc) if they hadn't been kept closed as training areas for years?

    Of course, I used the word 'honestly', so of course it won't work. We've kept the areas decent and free from people and poisons, now the 'public' want access to ruin them. Typical.

    Allow full access, but only on live firing days, and after signing a waiver of all your 'rights'.
  3. I reckon we're unlikely to get a full free and frank discussion on this topic! Most people here realise that, as Snowy says, the reason these areas are still so unspoiled is the fact we train on them and care for the areas.

    Knowing how carefully most units conduct themselves, and having been frustrated by the limitations already in place in place like SPTA, I hate to think what would happen if the Tree-Huggers got their way. I know for a fact the areas would be massively under used as most civvies prefer playstations and shopping malls to the countryside (and in the case of Otterburn I can't blame them :twisted: )
  4. Bloody Ramblers, why exactly are a bunch of "benny hat" wearing lefties so feckin' militant when it comes to walking the exact routes that were used centuries ago and demanding that fences etc be moved. Ramblers Rights, that old chesnut has got to be the epitomy of what's going wrong in modern day Blairite UK.

    Too bloody true mucker, fancy a bit of range flag theft to encourage the blighters into the impact area?
  5. don't bother about removing range flags they never take notice of them :D
    Remember doing a CQB run down a gully coming round the corner to be confronted with MR and MRs Beanie Hat wearing veggie rambler the resulting argument was not helped by the Ds shouting slot them and move on :twisted: he was scottish At least it was'nt the national Guardsman turn :twisted: or we would have had a big hole to dig :twisted:
    Same exercise we reigned 51mm down on pony trekkers :D and SF tried to take out a trial bike rider they can really go with tracer behind them.
    let the treehuggers have otterburn it sucks big time home of the hilly swamp
  6. Hippies, i'm convinced it is the same sad-bunch who chain themselves to trees, make crop-circles and try to stop the hunt...i'd request that they get a life and stop complicating others.

    Ten Tors however rocks. www.ex.ac.uk/tentors. I've done it the last two years and again this year.

    I agree with all the points which quite rightly highlight the fact that if it wasn't for the army there'd not be any wildlife there anyway, just an industrial estate.

  7. Landie,

    Remember that muppet who used to come and drive up and down the beach at Black Dog the minute he saw the range flags go up. Or the farmer at Culty that made a packet in compensation because his sheep that were "distressed" by people firing on the 30m range.
    It's these fcukers that you have to watch out for, because they know that the Army isn't going to want any bad press from them, so they can get away with this sort of stuff.

  8. So basically anyone who by their physical presence is actively demonstrating against anything whatever is one of a sad bunch who should get a life?! :roll:
    Say there are plans to build a great big motorway through their village..destroying important woods and wildlife..if people want to chain themselves to trees and actively fight the plans ..well I say more power to them.
    If folks try to stop the hunt and want to peaceably demonstrate against it..Good for them!
    Crop circles? 8O where did that one come from? :lol: ha ha ha
    You enjoy Ten Tors? great! We all value different things don't we.
    People demonstrating is great I say! Me agreeing with them or not doesn't matter one iota.
    The British Army has always done a great job at ensuring England remains a free country.
    Let's make sure we don't give up our freedoms to anyone!
    Right..where's me boots...take me to my hills... :lol:


  10. As a Card carrying member of friends of the earth (tis true) I get really fed up of winging lefties .......

    I would echo all the above, the reason why SPTA is so beautiful is because no one has been allowed to ruin it.

    It was SPTA that turned me into a tree hugger in the first place.

  11. must be a diffrent spta it turned me into a lover of concrete and hatred for the countryside and mother nature in genreal wait that was sennybridge :lol: .spta is beautiful apart from stone henge when are the army going to blow up that eyesore ?
  12. its not so much the real dyed in the wool hippys they go magic mushroom hunting on dartmoor and have enough sense to avoid red flags
    shiny things with fins buryed in the ground.
    Its joe public who can't read a notice to stay out or wanders away from the road with out a map and compass :(
    OR one classic case whatched Kagoule clad fool leading a party of kids wander across the training area towards my stag post. Being naturally idle decided to wait till they reached me and not bothering to challenge them as A if its the hereford gun club in disguise its not going to do me any good 8O
    B civillians react badly to having guns pointed at them
    C I was bored and this looked like entertainment.
    They stopped about five feet from my post muttering I wonder where we are
    Up i jump well sir your here pointing out on the map using a blade of grass (best andy mcnabb style :lol: ) where are you trying to get to .
    Show muppet that if he walks on a bearing he will hit the road in just over 2 k and can follow the road home.
    Nows the classic bit even though he has a very shiny expensive silva compass round his neck how'd you take a compass bearing :roll:
    10 minutes later PC decides muggins can show them the way home ends up on an 8k trog 4k see them home 4k back motto of the story don't tlak to civis on training areas :p