whinging brits

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. just watched the news bout the hordes of brits "stranded" du to the ash cloud. Some punter at Calais blaming the Goverment for not helping him get home, while another bloke was shimfing about paying 1000 euro's to one-way hire a car from Barcelona to Calais.
    What on earth is so important that it's worth a grand to drive home? why not just ring your boss, blame Iceland for your absence, and spend an additional week chilling the fuck out by the beach

    pathetic, i tell you! they are not the kind of people who made this country great
  2. Its all gone Pete Tong for Iceland since they dropped Kerry Katona.
  3. Dunkirk spirit? My arrse.

    Are the Germans shooting at you? No.

    Have the French surrendered? N..........

    OK, but only a Partial Dunkirk Spirit (PDS).
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Fucking gwna hun 'ch shortarse Ali-Placi sinsir git. Ble ydy 'ch choelbren stranded? Fucking Liverpool?
  5. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    What do you expect with the "me" "me" Euro effect syndrome. I blame it all on those who own aluthingy whotsits instead of proper S***S.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Chyfarfyddais a Gimli siwrnai i mewn Barcalona. A lovely ddyn , achos a shortarse sinsir Cymraeg fucking begor.
  7. The wife asked me earlier, "Imagine if we'd gone to Dubai a little bit later and got stuck there?"

    Erm, staying at my best mate's, hence free accom. Down the beach every day checking out hot chicks from behind the sunglasses so the missus doesn't suspect, and nay work for the foreseeable...

    The odd phone call to the boss, "Sorry sir, no flights out for at least another week". Keep that going on for a couple more weeks, come back burnt to a crisp, and Robert's your father's brother :D

    Dunno what they're all moaning about to be honest.
  8. Gotta laugh at this one ! a mate owns a small engineering company in lincolnshire , he had a phone call from one of his employees on friday night saying that due to the volcanic ash and disruption to flights he would not be back at work today, had to wait for a new flight , which could be fri/sat/sun.

    The tw*t is on holiday in Edinburgh.

    Dunkirk spirit, my arse. :D 8)
  9. Thanks ID for bringing some sanity and a considered opinion on the changing steadfastness and stoicism of we Brits .

    I think that is what your post means .

  10. Now now IronDuke if your going to talk Cymraeg do it properly, and start slagging the Sais off in the sentence as well! :D
  11. I saw that aswell, I distinctly remember a very irate jock bloke having a bloody good whinge at the camera. He's probably going to miss his signing on day or something.
  12. Where have you been? They don't make you sign on every fortnight nowaday's! :roll:
  13. Radio 4 interviewed a european couple stuck in london, when asked what they were going to do she said:

    'we will make love, and eat fish & chips'.

  14. Where haven't I been!

    How up to date is nowadays? They were still doing it last year, or was it some humiliating practical joke they were playing on me?
  15. Maybe they just thought you could do with the exercise! :lol: