Whinge to The Scum

I just got inflicted with a reader survey with from The Scum, which I say through so that hopefully I could get a comment in at them. My reply at the end was;
As a bitter drinker, what the hell do I care about Carlsberg?

The first question asked if I was interested in Football, to which I replied no. So why did you continue to inflict me with questions about Football?
Please remember some of us are still on dial-up connections so don't want to waste our time with irrelevant questions, especially when they require images to be downloaded!

It take it that your inconsideration towards people that you send this sort of thing to matches yours papers blind following of a discredited government. You appear to be taking on it's same dis-reguard for the people that you say you represent.

I have actually switched to the Express following your disgraceful support for BLiar. Concerning the overstetch and under-resourcing of our Armed Forces they managed to produce 4 pages over two days, your paper managed all of 2 column inches. So much for 'Supporting Our Boys', it seems you only do this when it suits you to sell your rag.

Yours in anger,

Mike McC****
Why don't we start an ARRSE campaign to bombard them with messages (don't automate it guys, thats would be a DoS attack that could get us a severe talking to or worse) to let them know quite what 'Our Boys' think of the scumbags.

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