Whilst the Ug family was touring Canada this summer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ugly, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We couldnt help but notice the patriotism displayed by most members of the public there. Flags the size of suburban houses in the UK regularly flown at Half mast on news of casualties and lots of bumper stickers even in non military areas.
    What really caught the eye was the ramp ceremonies when returned KIA were played on just about every TV channel available live for the whole ceremony.
    The country stopped and paid its respects. You get a feel of the depth of feeling when this is the first war since Korea where Canada hasnt worn the UN badge. I also suspect that these are the first war casualties that have been repatriated. I know a little about the policy as My Grandfather a Canadian is a war graves resident.
    I visited his older brother an 88 year old ex Cdn Gren Gds Sgt, now living in a Veterans hospital. The level of care and attention to their veterans quite frankly puts us to shame!
    Makes me wish all the more for something better here!
  2. I have noticed this in America as well: flags, bumper stickers, etc everywhere. It was nice to see that the average American seemed to be behind the troops, if not the government.

    However I just can't see it happening here especially as we don't get similar media coverage - whilst we are pretty knowledgeable about the operational situation and the conditions that our troops live and operate under, the average man in the street does not really know or care. In addition due to government/MOD restrictions on journalists, it is only recently that stories from those on the ground are making headline news.

    Then again you also have the PC brigade who would put a stop to any visible support as it would be offensive to muslims/refugees/etc.

    I must admit that on my last trip to the States, I made the most of it by flashing my ID card at many attractions and getting money off or even free entry. Seaworld in Orlando even have a 'Support Our Troops' video before the killer whale show and ask soldiers, both US and foreign, to stand up for a round of applause; it's nice to be appreciated.
  3. Canada has been teetering on the edge of an identity crises and partition, and there has been some restored pride that at last Canada is making a contribution on the world stage.

    When you travel from the US into Canada you can't help feeling it's a home away from home for the British, after the brashness of American culture, as lively as that is.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Part of the reason for this is that our armed forces are so hidden away. The paranoia about wearing uniform in public means that many civilians never really see soldiers except on TV, as strange, brutal men and women in Iraq and AFG. We're seen as separate from normal society, not part of it.
  5. Even though the septics can go over the top at times I was impressed when I visited Massachusettes a few yaers back.

    A Stars & Stripes outside the majority of houses, black MIA flags dotted around and streets/intersections named after local soldiers who gave their lives.

    I don't think the flag thing is a good idea in the UK (too many connections with BNP/NF or Loyalists paramilitaries I'm afraid).
  6. isn't it time we reclaimed our national flag from the BNP lunatics back to decent tolerant people?
  7. I see what you mean, but it's only through flying the flag that we can reclaim it from such organisations. Attack is better than defence and retreat in this case, I feel.

    Edit - sorry Poppy! We were obviously posting at the same time.
  8. Canada, ah fond memories Eh, one of the few places that makes you feel like you are at home.

    Want to support our vetrans? Look here http://www.chelsea-pensioners.co.uk/index.asp , why are they trying to raise £35 million for a new hospital? Shouldn't this be funded by a grateful nation!
  9. Patriotism is the last refuge and all that...

    I find the US's persistent flag waving boorish and creates monocultural thinking.

    Happy to go barking mad singing myself hoarse on the last night of the Proms, stifling a tear, goose bumps stiffening, throwing one up at the national anthem (curtains drawn) but not yet to have a flag pole concreted into the front lawn...

    We're a confident nation knowing our values and will only rip your arse off at the last resort..
  10. Shouldn't we take back the flag then?

    Speaking as a Sweaty, married to a Taff and living in Engurland, it got right on my pecs that while the World Cup was on, you couldn't move for St George/ Union Jacks. Five minutes after the overpaid bunch of whinging girls were knocked out, not a sausage.

    The only ones I see daily are on roadside burger vans!

    So lets take the UJ back from the likes of the BNP (who usually get it upside down anyway).

    Get the bumper stickers made (how about 'Support our Troops, not the Tw*ts who sent them') just like the Countryside Alliance did. Sell them for a couple of quid - proceeds to Combat Stress?? Those rubber annoying wristband thingies as well.

    As I already have one small Welsh & one Scots flag displayed, I still have space for the above. Any PC type who wants me to remove it as 'offensive' is welcome to try.

    While not wanting to go the full Yank chest thumping 'I am a US Citizen' thing, there are a lot of civvie scum like myself out there who do back our forces and would be quite happy to prove it, and if we get enough of us doing this then maybe those self centred Westminster pondlife will realise that there are more of us than 'minorities' and we all vote!!

    Deep breath...
  11. The main problem I have with the US 'style' of patriotism is the forced sense it gives off, as if its over compensation.

    Whilst admirable, I think its un-required in day-to-day British life, we know there is a time and a place for it, which I think gives it all the more prestige.
  12. Even the Canadian Breweries are getting in on the support the troops bandwagon. Behind the bar in the JRC in Crowfoot is a large poster of some raised Tankards with the logo "Proud to salute those who serve at CFB Suffield"

    Perhaps there is a message here for British Breweries.
  13. Tetigisti acu
  14. I know its a shame about how BNP, football hooligans & the like have stolen the Union Flag but local councils have not helped with national pride when they refuse to fly it outside their offices and instead fly the PLO flag or old Hammer & Sickle. It should be law that all civic and government offices fly the flag.

    Maybe the Union in the middle of a Euro flag and English/Welsh/Scots etc depending on where you are?