whilst on honeymoon

Three couples, an Irish couple, a welsh couple and an English couple, meet up in a hotel bar, all three have just got married and are on the first day of their honeymoon. The girls are all sat together at a table talking about their wedding days and all the lads are at the bar chatting and having a beer.

Whilst at the bar the subject turns to sex. The Irish lad asks how many times they reckon each couple will have sex that night, they decide to have a competition and let each other know in the morning...... Oh shouts the Welsh lad how will we tell who has had the most sex, my misses would kill me if she heard me tell you two. The English lad suggests that they order a slice of toast at breakfast for every shag they get that night.

The following morning all 3 couples are at the breakfast table together when the waiter arrives. He asks the Irish lad what he would like to order " I will have 4 slices of toasts" replys the Irish lad with a big grin on his face. The waiter then asks the Welsh lad who replies" I will have 6 and a half slices of toast" with a smug look on his face.

He then turns to the English lad and asks him what he would like "Well waiter I will have two slices of toast please"

Both the Irish lad and the welsh lad look at each other triumphly!

But just as the waiter was leaving the English lad shouts

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