Whilst Not Exactly a Walt......

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by jack-daniels, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. ......noticed this chappy in the RBL magazine complaining about his life in general etc etc.

    He said he left in 1987 at the age of 30 after joining up at 16 so I wonder how he can be wearing the Battle of Jubilee and his RAF LSGC....I'm not even going to mention the two at the end! It says that he struggled to get a job so he wasn't in one of the Emergency Services that got the Jubilee gong (maybe he was a waiter in Buck House).
    My point is that if the RBL are going to feature people in the magazine then surely they should check the credibility of the people featured.

    If the link doesn't take you straight to the page it's on Page 30.

    Legion magazine January/February 2012
  2. Another stinking Walt exposed. well spotted jd
  3. I didn't say he was a walt as such, just that he may have 'over egged the pudding'.
  4. Daft man, he's got a decent row anyway, why spoil it with self awarded shite.
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  5. Worse than the buckshee medals, what's with that TIE?!?!?!?!?
  6. OK, I can get the first few, but what are the others?

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  7. RAF Regiment, very sartorial :)
  8. Would it not be unusual for DWP to demand repayment of pension or other benefits in instances where they have been inadvertantly over-paid?

    I don't know what the rules are but the in the cases I've come across of over-payments, the amounts have been written off.
  9. Before we band this man un-godly, maybe someone on arrse knows him? I doubt even a walt would have the balls to have an article wrote about him in the Legion, i doubt even more that they would just let anyone in it. Surely they must do a background check.
  10. Umm, two words for you... DAVID REEVE!
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  11. Mmmm very busy tie that.
  12. i stand corrected.. fuck it lets lynch him
  13. If that not the BAOR medal on the right?
  14. I was curious why there wasnt a rosette on the FI medal, jump to page 62 replace your bling, peruse further down, three different ribbons on three different medals for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

    Page 64 there is an electronic hammer for cleaning glass.

    Page 51, COLD ACHING HANDS, you need gloves, £19.95 a pair plus £78.50 p&p

    I think the guy may have been handed the jacket complete with bling, if I was starving to death in my car, my first thought wouldn't be to replace medals.
  15. Yes, it is now you mention it.
    British Forces Germany Medal - British Forces Germany Medal-BFG Medal. - Online Store - Duchemins Military Supplies |Miniature Military Commerative Medals | Regimental Badges | Battlegroup Military Vehicles

    The Green & Red one is bling too, it's the Border Service medal
    Border Service Medal,Belize,Borneo and Gibralter service - Online Store - Duchemins Military Supplies

    It looks like the maths don't add up eith er for the LS&GC

    Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So even assuming he joined as a junior(?) then the minimum age to qualify would still be 32½.

    Still, who cares? I don't, as no one seesm to care about my Crimean Campaign medal and VC at the Legion anymore