Whilst in the OTC, can you do P Company?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Jonesy, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. Hi all,
    Just wondering, can you do P Company whilst a member of the OTC?

  2. Yes.

    And next time don't put on all your frigging details....... Op Sec and all that old chap.

    I suggest you edit it and remove You Name, Rank and Regt Details[/quote]
  3. Pot calling Kettle,over
  4. [/quote]

    Damn damn damn! Too late, fella - there's a crack joint squad of AQ, PIRA, FARC, ETA et al crouched outside an ACF hut somewhere in Little Crappington just ready to blow this poor little bugger away.

    Jesus, if only he hadn't given his NAME! It's too tragic!
  5. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Jeez, one post causing 3 edits! Does anyone else want to post Jonsey's details?

    Anyway, as OTC you could do P Coy, but why? You may just want to do it, but the OTC probably won't see the point and the para's won't want to waste training time on someone who won't be employed to jump from the skies...
  6. What's the point? Or rather, what does the Army get out of someone in the OTC doing P Coy? I'm assuming you're speaking for a friend...

    Tell your friend not to waste people's time and join 4 PARA if he's that keen. Then he can do P Coy and fulfill a role. If his motivation is to get a different coloured hat and swan about an OTC in it he needs to get a life.

    Fair and balanced as always, that's me...... :wink:
  7. Why not do it the proper way and join the local TA para unit?
  8. Or maybe even the Regs?

    Only a suggestion......... :oops:
  9. ehhh
  10. that answer your question jonesy?
    What a pleasant lot of nobbers.

    They're right though, unless you're joining reg or ta, you're wasting your time.
  11. deleted, was young, and a mong lol
  12. Wait one Rambo.........You're not a Para yet...... :?
  13. True, i may not be, but i assure you i know many of them, past and present paras, four of which from my immediate family. :)
  14. Eh?

    Para training by osmosis?

    I know a milkman, so that makes me one too then?
  15. why didn't you ask them then? instead of coming on here and making a nobber of yourself.
    Whichever OTC you're in, I'm sure they're glad to have you.