While we are on the subject of German watering holes.....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by darth_fokker, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else remember (If you can!) a place called OG's or the Big Ben in Soest late 80's. Crackin' places for getting w*ankered, fightin' and Shaggin...not all necessarily in that order........
  2. I was in Soest recently. Much quieter! There's a weird sort of "watering hedge" effort in the park now. Very lovely place, Soest.
  3. I worked at soest a couple of years ago (at the sailing club), I loved it there as it really gave me a taste of Germany that a squaddie would not normally experience. Although when I was there, there were still a couple of serving squaddies who lived in the area, but they had Germany wifes, etc.
  4. Remember Big Bens well, i was in Soest when 3 Sqn 22 Sigs moved across from Lippstadt to join 3 Div, had some good sessions down at Big Bens while the camp was being drawn down, but none to touch the 2002 in Lippy ;) :D
  5. Oh god yes, I remember OGs. And Cindy's (Cinderella's) as well. Spent many a drunken night in them. We used to go to Koos in Lippstadt as well.

    I was in Korbecke with 3ADSR in the late 80s/early 90s before the move back to Bulford (unfortunately I got to go there with them too :roll: )

    I went back to Soest a short while ago and it's barely recognisable now ...... you can barely make out where San Sebastian Barracks was any more - it's a trading estate. The Annexe looks pretty much the same though. Salamanca Barracks has been turned into mobile housing!

    Town hasn't changed any though - although I must admit I didn't actually look to see if OGs or Cindy's were still there!
  6. Only place to get properly happy in Germany were the co-located Pops and Eddies ! I saw everything in there from CS, deaths, sex, violence........
  7. Pops and Eddies is now a Chinese Restaurant!!
  8. Pops is. Eddies is just a buckshee house now. The Hong Kong burnt down a few years back, but was re-done out and makes decent scoff, a couple of mates used to deliver for them. I say nice scoff, but it isn't a patch on the Chips and Mushroom Sauce cooked by the German fella, affectionally know as the Chicken Fcuker
  9. was there 91-95 remember 1888's and the whisky bar, mistaking a farm for a whorehouse and being chased down the lane by an irate german farmer!!!!

    Does anyone remember when that nutter was running around outside OG's with a gun 91or92 I think????
  10. Check out FB, there's a few thousand ex signals on there and groups for 3 Div and 206 Sig Sqn "The Rhinos rest"
  11. Oh I know the 2002 well! Knew the owner well (Yani). Was never a problem getting a deckel near the end of the month!

    Anyone remember Babs... used to work and drink there?

    Ku Club was great, I was in awe of a night club that had it's own pizza, schellie, ice cream parlour, sandwich bar and coffee bar... And a huge dance floor that went wild when they played "Black Betty".

  12. I knew both well :D was in Salamanca 87 - 90 in 5 ARMD WKSP's

    OG's was brill, can anyone remember the name of the guy that was knocked down and killed walking up the B1 from "stickies" night club ? :cry:

    I am going back to Soest in February 09 so will take some pics and post, I have been told the old camp is a complete sh*thole now :(
  13. The 2002, superb... lots of drunken memories from that place.

    Sunday afternoon sessions at George's. The best Gyros Calzone in the world.

    The Ku Club was great, apart from when the greasy Turks were itching for a fight, bunch of fecks bringing baseball bats etc down.

    Happy days.
  14. Willies, right outside Maresfield Barracks was class, better than 'The Tree' in Krefeld.
  15. Right then, anyone up for "the Swinging Tit" in Iserlohn? 1950s

    Must be at least a few Monkeys that remember it, you were always

    chasing us out of there. Old Redcap?? :lol: