While Blair schmoozes four British soldiers die

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Daily Mail today

    On the day four of our troops are killed, the Middle East teeters on the brink of all-out war and 70 die in Iraq, where is the PM? Sipping cocktails with rap stars on Sunset Strip and touting his CV with America's rich and powerful

    Downing Street insisted his number one priority was working 'hell for leather' for peace in the Middle East.

    But Tony Blair was facing mounting anger over what looked more and more like a 'give-us-a-job' tour of the United States in which he has spent his time ingratiating himself with the rich, famous and powerful.

    As British troops were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and concern was growing at home and abroad over his stance on the carnage in Lebanon, the Prime Minister was rubbing shoulders with business tycoons, Chelsea football stars and a 'gangsta' rapper.

    There was increasing suspicion that the taxpayer-funded U.S. trip has been a golden opportunity for Mr Blair - who has £4million of mortgage debt - to raise his profile on the world stage and even test out the possibility of lucrative seats on the boards of American conglomerates.

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  2. No takers?
  3. Jihad, I believe that Bliars actions and attitude are beneath the contempt of all right thinking individuals. If there seem to be few takers regarding Bliars ongoing betrayal of the forces, it's probably because nothing he says or does surprises us anymore.

    We are all aware of how low he and his wife are willing to stoop for a fast buck so why even bother to remark on it anymore?
  4. Murdoch might take him
  5. The bloke is a prick and his cabinet are beyond a joke.
  6. Isn't fatty Prescott running the show while "His Tonyness" is away? It is fcking sad that our leader is tossing about while the world is in such a shite state. Some of the cabinet wants an immediate ceasefire, some want an end to hostility's, some are off eating pies! joke government. Then again the torys would be away lining their pockets and selling rubbish books!. The LD would all be away on a team building exercise in a Scottish distillery.
  7. I wouldn't shed a tear if the Grim Reaper decided to... I despise the man and this is typical of his self-serving attitude. :x
  8. He managed to fit enough sound-bites in though, didn't he! Tosser. :roll:
  9. But sound bites is all the majority of the electorate are after. after x seasons of big brother sat in their lounge in chavsville they have lost all reasoning and require spoon feeding of information. Any though process beyond the sound bite itself is beyond them.
  10. You're doing Chavs & Scum readers a disservice, thy kin reed & fink for vemsels proper.
  11. :? Thought he'd been Murdochs man for years.
  12. He may be Murdoch's man but now he's looking for a big salary

  13. WP, I don't often agree with you, but you have hit the nail on the head. Well said.
  14. Just the usual Blair baiting from the Daily Mail.

    I'm not sure what their line of reasoning is. Is the Mail against the military action in Iraq and Afghanistan? Even if Blair was in his Downing Street office, this obviously wouldn’t have stopped the unfortunate killing of the 4 soldiers.

    I wonder where Cameron is/was at the time, as he has said little or nothing about the Middle East recently. I did read somewhere (not in the Mail of course) that he is worried about upsetting new Jewish sponsors of the Conservative party.

    It's just crap journalism from a crap rag. The trouble in Labanon has hardly featured on the front cover of the Mail in the 3 weeks since Israel launched its strikes. Of course, real news has to fight for space with the Mail's staple front page fodder of dubious health claims, 'pc gone mad' stories, Di death conspiracies (she died in a car crash btw), house price scare stories and the rest.

    Please don't ask me to take seriously anything the Mail says. It's shit.