Whickers War

Last in series last night. I think that it was a repeat but missed 1st showing. He does seem to have been able to make himself very comfortable wherever he found himself. I accept that any idiot can be uncomfortable but couldn't help thinking about the PBI living in foxholes across the bay whilst at Anzio beachhead. Requisitioning villas at the drop of a hat.
Plenty of crumpet and wine too, I’ll be bound! Anybody know about his service record/decorations if any etc?


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Seem to recall something about his being a VERY young Officer leading an Army newsreel team.

You can imagine it - "Hello, miss, would you like to be in the Movies after the War? Come back to my villa......

Bloody good Drills :D
ALAN DONALD WHICKER. Born in Cairo, Egypt, 2 August 1925. Attended Haberdashers' Aske's School, London. Served as captain in Devonshire Regiment during World War II; director, Army Film and Photo Section with British 8th Army and U.S. 5th Army. Newspaper war correspondent in Korea; foreign correspondent, novelist, writer and radio broadcaster; joined BBC television, 1957, and presented nightly film reports from around the world for Tonight, as well as studio interviews and outside broadcasts; participated in first Telstar two-way transmission at opening of United Nations, 1962; host, Whicker's World, BBC, 1959-60; helped launch Yorkshire Television, 1967; left BBC, 1968; producer and host, numerous television specials and documentaries and further series of Whicker's World; worked for BBC, 1982-92; returned to ITV, 1992. Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, 1970. Recipient: numerous awards, including Screenwriters Guild Best Documentary Script Award, 1963; Guild of Television Producers and Directors Personality of the Year, 1964; Royal Television Society Silver Medal, 1968; University of California Dumont Award, 1970; Hollywood Festival of TV Best Interview Program Award, 1973; British Academy of Film and Television Arts Dimbleby Award, 1978; TV Times Special Award, 1978; Royal Television Society Hall of Fame, 1993. Address: Le Gallais Chambers, St Helier, Jersey, England.

Old school. Epitomy of being British (even though he was born in the smelliest country in the world, Egypt not Scotland).
I got the impression that Whicker didn't think much of Gen. Mark Clark and his conduct of the Italian campaign.
He did his bit no more no less. He makes no bones that the military would not have been the career for him but for the deluded plans of a certain Austrian corporal. I thought that the show made fine viewing.
Excellent presenter and interviewer. I always enjoy those re-runs of Whicker's World. The one where he rode shotgun with the SFPD was particularly good. Is it me or did he stop ageing about 30 years ago?
Alan Wicker, his reports had an influence on me when I was a young lad. Always seemed well presented, never knew about his military service.
Quite surpised to hear he's still alive.

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