Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by GENT, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    right, I am aware of various bias issues that will arise here but it’s worth a shot.

    Is it better to join the marines or the army at officer level? Now before you all bight my head off, here are the issues;
    The Royal marines seem to have a higher standard of fitness and training (I’m ready for the backlash, and yes I could be grossly misinformed)
    There is a more compelling culture that goes with them,
    (They get daggers, green hats and are called commandos! LOL )

    the Army is more accessible,
    more activity,
    more people.

    The main issue I’ve got is the type of work they do, you see, I don’t like the sea that much (I’ll get in it and swim, if I have to), and that could be an issue with the booties. Also am I correct in thinking that the army do more UK humanitarian stuff?
    Also, and please don think of me as a Walt, are the Royals exempt from joining the Special Air Service, as the Special Boat Service isn’t as appealing.
    With regards to that last point, it is only a prospects thing, I am under no illusions regarding the Special Forces, I am only looking at my horizons.
    Help appreciated
    (And I have done much research on all above topics, having thrashed my way through all of the recruiting propaganda)

    -Edited due to being pointed out as being a plonker.-
  2. There's your 1st mistake. The Marines are part of the Navy.

    Also, no-one is exempt from selection when trying to join "THEM"
  3. Yep, grossly mis-informed ;)

    ''Seem'' being the pivotal word in your sentence, LoL... ;)

    ??? and asking if royals are exempt from being selected for SAS ??? why? Are you Prince Philip's secret lovechild?
  4. I know that. Thats why I stated that i am aware of Bias. I intend yo place a similar post on "Rum Nation".
  5. Smudge, he meant to put marines or army at officer level, lol...
  6. ??? Bradders, I dont follow, I cam on here genuinely asking for information that I could not fin the information to, is that a No, Royal Marines cannot apply to the SAS, or an Yes they can?
  7. Thankyou Bradders
    Its amasing what a typo can poo isnt it? :?
  8. Yes they can.
  9. THANKYOU, wow, That was Quick!
  10. LoL, I'm pulling your leg, you mean can a bootie join the SAS? Yes, personnel can be recommended tri-service...
  11. Thanks,
    and I guessed as mutch after i thought about it, lol, sorry about that.

    The info that i could find on THEM was all rather vague, talking of the forces in general, not specificaly mentioning Royals, thats where my confusion arose.
  12. No problem pal... ;)
  13. I'd Join the Marienes if i were you, the standard of training is far higher.
  14. The standard of training in the British Army is just as high - not sure what you mean...
  15. I'd imagine that is what you've heard then, as training cannot be that high if you fail to even spell your units title...

    The fitness levels required are higher, without a doubt. The standard of training, however, is high regardless which service you decide to join.