which will be thje last Signals unit to pull out of Germany

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by matt2470, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Which do you think will the last Royal Signals unit to pull out of Germany and when?
  2. Deleted for getting the wrong country.
  3. I thought the DDR was gone
  4. or FRG
  5. or GRD The German Democratic Republic
  6. 7 Sigs or 4ADSR
  7. Wah shield on
    Seeing as 7 has disbanded, and 4 Div hasn't existed for donkeys years, will be 1 Div or one of the Bde Sqns I would guess.
    Wah shield off.
  8. Damn that shield
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  9. Perhaps the ghost of 7 will linger, a faint whiff of Herfey, with a hint of Asbach and bratty mit pommes, all that will be left of many decades in the fatherland
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  10. You want to really!!!!
  11. We'll never pull out fully - the 'Herford Irregulars' (those lads who fell for the wiles of a German wench and stayed behind) will see to it.

    The Burgermeister was bandying around a figure of 2,000 guys (of all cap badges) having settled in Herford when I was there in 2005.
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  12. There are at least 4 (ex) members of 7 Sigs living within a 5Km radius of me so I am going to claim us as the last sub-unit.

    And as I am planning on being immortal then I win.
  13. Just 10%? Poof ;-)
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  14. Says the 2 pot screamer:)
  15. More of a Det ;-)