Which Way Forward ???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shiny_arse, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. Well tonight is the night. It's the good old annual Xmas party and even better it's the first one I've been to at this camp. I've managed so far to integrate myself into the system mainly due to the fact that most of the bods here don't know me from previous tours (big bonus :D )So my question to all the arrsers prior to getting suited and booted and quaffing the first of many pints of Mr Stella and Mrs Carling is do I enjoy a quiet yet sociable evening and sneakily cause mayhem or revert to the beer swilling monster of old and scare my lovely new colleagues and most likely end up with yet another streak down the high street until being picked up by the scuffers and severely pissing off the missus (who's staying at home :lol: )

    David it's over to you as I peek through the keyhole and have a thrap over your sister!!!!!
  2. As our colonial cousins would have it..................this is a no-brainer.

    Hang one on. Get hammered. Vomit and other bodily fluids are the order of the day.
    (........cannot believe that you actually felt the need to ask the question.............)

  3. I'm guessing that no matter what your intentions, you know what you'll be causing mayhem and ending up naked in the street.

    I look forward to reading about your arrest in the papers/on arrse.
  4. To quickly interject as much as I love the idea of shocking some of limp wristed members of my place of work with the more grandoise approach there is always a time and place for the quietly quietly method.

    Last year conisted of stealing (borrowing) a mobile phone which was then lent to one of our should I say more forward young ladies who proceeded to take some enlightening photos whilst in the toilet (Gilette is the best you can get!!). Said phone then returned to original position. His girlfriend wasn't happy when trawling through his phone the next day. But the nosy little bitch shouldn't have been prying and he was a much happier man when she dumped him.

    So any sneaky suggestions mightily appreciated, but phantom you're probably right and I'll get naked anyway - and I'm not even a Marine!!!
  5. Sneaky suggestions are easy, but to find something original is the hard part.... I'm going to try to behave at our drunken brawl tomorrow, oops I mean Christmas Function. unless I can find something that can be blamed on someone else......