Which watch?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ally133, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. hey everyone start basic 02 jan 07, and i don't want to get my dkny watch scratched muddy etc! so does anyone recommend a decent army watch? also do you get given one? i was looking at ebay and they had a special forces watch upto 300 metres and looked the dogs doo da's but dont wanna look a timmy when i get there! any ideas? cheers!
  2. Theres a waterproof version done by Tag Huer. Comes with detachable miniature fighting knife, which is used by 49 Para. About £150, but well worth the money.
  3. what do you mean wah?! it's pretty obvious what i'm asking! don't you think?!
  4. Yes, a little too obvious.
  5. go by DS standards the bigger the better!!
  6. I thought only the Navy and Fire Brigade had watches.

    If we're talking "stags", either the first or the last IMHO.
  7. Get real and keep it simple, keep it cheap. Not sexy, but for basic, a bog-standard Timex or Baby-G does the business. Unlikely to be nicked by some scroat in the block. Less to fret about when you lose it or let it make first contact with the 12’ wall. Treat yourself to something ally when you get to your unit or first op-tour – with luck in the land of duty-free.
  8. The only watch you will ever need is a Mickey Mouse watch.

    Foolish boy I hear you say. Why would any man want to wear a Mickey Mouse Watch?

    My reasoning is simple, at 6 am and 6 pm you get the joy of seeing Micky Mouse point at his nuts and put his hand up to let everyone know what he's doing..........
  9. The only time you will need to remember is One, Two Three, One! :D
  10. Get a G-shock.

    Not to pretnetious, but tough as nails and does all you need.

    PS, don't listen to all the chronograph facists, breitling and rolex are for puffs! :D
  11. lol, cheers for all your help guys, i'll jst get a basic one for training then bin it, and get a propper gucci one!
  12. Assuming this is not a pisstake, I think the watch below is the best military watch ever. The battery lasts for years and years, its good for river crossings/swimming, it doesn't have that annoyingly bright "indiglo back light" nonsense, and its slim so less likely to catch on straps or get knocked about.



    And at 8 pounds you can afford to lose a few.
  13. I'm with Scabster with this one. I had one of those watches for years and it done me proud. Admittedly I did have a second smarter looking watch for when I was out and about down the town as it were.
    Even now I have a basic digital watch for when I'm in the field. Cost all of about a tenner from Argos!!