which was the best!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyx, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. I thought being as the forums have been abit dusty id start yet another fooking dull ass thread :D

    so dont expect too much here but here goes :roll: :D

    having been through afew motors in my driving life (not crashed any mind!!!)
    i thought id ask which car or any other motor have you driven or owned that really hit the right buttons?(and im not talking about the fun you get from lowering yourself onto the gearstick)

    not that you would,i mean i havnt,ever!!honestly!!!

    and what happened to the motor(unless of course you still have it)

    think of it like a top gear thing!

    what was the best thing about the motor(gearbox/switches/seats(who fooking cares)did it rip the shite out of any chav nova`s etc

    storys please

    gotta try and get the dust airbourne!

    and if this is boring then fook right off :D
  2. What exactly are you asking? In fact, what language are you speaking?
  3. dont know i gave up on english as the dictionary was fucking dull
  4. gotta admit having a v8 3.5 litre landrover was great (not fast )well not bad!!

    i repaired the disco and motted it and the day i taxed it i took it through a green land and ripped the bejesus out of it..

    not a write off but i lost heart after that and swapped it for a saab 900 xs which was fooking quick!!!
  5. I think it`s Drivelish
  6. sandybag i take it your misses drives maybe she should take the board:)

    wah right back!!

    hang a man for trying eh

    sod ya:)
  7. A girlfriend lowered her arrse knickerless through the removed sunroof of my MkI XR2, I remember it fondly

    Edited to add MkI
  8. were you doing excess speeds? :twisted:

    how about what was the most depraved act youve done in a car/van/lorry?

    murdering hookers and how?
  9. Well, at least she speaks English, or are you just pished.?lol
  10. My frist car was a Rngae Rveor, did peltny of off rdiaong ellpcaisey oevr Wlseh hlils. Geart fun and mcuh eieasr tahn tpynig tihs! :!:
  11. Fcukin Class.!!
  12. im a bloke but hey:)

    atleast i speak some english and not txt speak like the youth of today
  13. Hey billyx, Iwas just thinking you were speaking in " Pan Loaf " :D
  14. Pan Loaf ???