Which was and/or is the best personal weapon you ever had?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Blind_Pew, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Another topic to get the grey mater working.
    For me .303 as a first choice.
    2nd choice would be the SMG.
    3rd would be the old 9mm

    Game on, now what do you think?
  2. For me the SMG. It was light could be stashed anywhere out of the way & there was next to fcuk all of it to clean. It was also a bit more reasuring than a pistol.

    Regards LT.
  3. Cheating a bit but I 'adopted' the Charlie G in boot troop, 16/5L Div recce, brill weapon!!
  4. I used a piece of 2 x 4 with a nail through it on a burglar once.

    Worked a treat.
  5. Missus when she was having that time of the month .....

    Seriously SLR or SMG

  6. Lucky to have a folding stock FN SLR whilst at Kelly's Garden in FI
    Absolutely the dogs working parts. Wish i'd had it during GW1 and Telic as well.
  7. Remington pump with no. 5 shot. Malaya 1956. Even if a flesh wound when deflected by branch, gangrene got them in a very short while.
  8. SLR.

    You mean......there are other guns?
  9. Flick knife


    Knackle duster
  10. My wit...

    Apologies to Oscar Wilde...
  11. Scaffolding pole, crumpled him up a treat! I was naked at the time and he must have wondered what the best-worst-case outcome was likely to be...he-hee.

    For military purposes the old Browning was fine but I did like my SLR (wooden furniture, wooden stock). These days its either the Benelli semi-auto or my trusty Silver Pigeon. Oh yes, I can justify the semi-auto especially with all the fox-control I do!
  12. 303 for genuine shooting

    Bren for long-range shooting.

    SLR for serious damage.
  13. Stirling bolt gun

    Like a smg but at least the projectile came out the end of the barrel :wink:
  14. Has to be the SLR. Was in Assault Troop A Sqn 1RTR in Omagh 73/74 and the SLR filled me with confidence. A prodigious man stopper, when hit by an SLR people went down and stayed down!!
  15. Including the bloke shooting it
    Or was that just me holding it like a fany?