Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by agoodgrouping, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Likely that the opposition will continue to build bigger and bigger IEDs anyway so, over to the experts.

    Given a world-wide market stall which vehicle would you choose ?


    Question: What do you call an English cricketer with a hundred against his name ?

    Answer: A bowler.
  2. 'Over to the experts'?

    Well in that case it would have to be...

    ...whatever vehicle Richard North says.


  3. No, I don't care about him as he is never likely to sit in one in a danger zone.

    Just a question - if YOU had one vehicle to choose then what would it be ? I would have thought that it is just the sort of question a MOD procurer might want to ask.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    That is actually an extremely difficult question to answer.

    It should be pointed out that the British Army trains to operate in all terrains and climate conditions whereas people like myself were trained to operate in a single terrain - i.e. African Savannah - specifically in armoured columns operating externally to home bases - one trick ponies.

    You can't cherry pick vehicles and capabilities with regard to single missions/operations - however having said that if the British Army do actually plan in operating in Afghanistan for the next 40 years as I saw reported then they could do worse to learn from those who wrote the book on Coin, armour and mine counter measures.
  5. One that never leaves the base.

    Seriously, if you want to stay alive, stay away from danger. If you want to accomplish something then IED protection is only one of may factors you have to consider.
  6. Serious response? It depends on what role. Am I operating in a rural or urban environment? If the latter which urban area (for instance I would prefer a different vehicle in Sangin as opposed to Gereshk)? What is my infantry role: Armoured, Light Role, Protection, Recce etc.? What is the infrastructure like (roads, bridges etc.)? How great is the IED threat as opposed to other dangers? What sort of IED (suicide, buried, anti-personnel etc.)? How much CIVPOP are around and how do I need to influence and interact with them? What are the logistical constraints? How restricted am I to roads as this will affect the mobility requirement of my vehicle? What sort of armament do I need to carry? How many people will I be carrying?

    Those are just a few of the issues that would prevent me from giving you a straightforward answer. Please don't think I'm being obtuse. I am just trying to give you an idea as to some of the issues involved and why I (or the British Army) can't just go for a single perfect solution.

  7. Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster
  8. Dodge Calibre.
    Atleast I'd look well tasty losing limbs.
  9. A Lockheed U-2 at 70,000 ft
  10. A time machine would be ideal for ops.

    Sh+t gets blown up, unfortunately more airframes would statistically mean potentially more crashes. PBI are cheaper than helos

    Cutting around on greened up KTMs at high speed could be interesting, fast moving target etc

    I don't know..transformers for all FECK KNOWS
  11. Having been blown up in a Bedford RL with an armoured cab,in 1973 on an ex Brit Mark7,I would commend their armoured cabs-Excellent.Could not hear for a while,otherwise undamaged(note keep your elbows/arms inbound)!! The mine apparently came up from Aden on a camel,after we left it behind in mid 60's!!!
  12. I tell you what i would want to drive in....a Oshkosh CST tractor Unit.
    Ok, not exactly good for transporting Inf, although you can fit 3 plus the Driver and it has GPMG top cover. But its one of the best protected vehicles out there.

    CH grabs his coat!
  13. All right, I will swallow the hook whole.


    My time in Iraq was spent with heavy battalions. Everything from M1A2 down. Tank and Bradley platoons would go out in M-1114 (uparmored hummers) for missions because the heavy metal could not get where they needed to go. My ride the whole time was M-1114. Men died in trucks, but if they remained cooped up in their 70 ton Deathmaster2000, might as well stayed at home. I will not go into the justifications of the war, it means nothing at this point.

    Balance risk and mission. Choose the appropriate tool. Size defines protection. Your lot could take Warrior with them. Could they do the job? Or does 30 tons of fun inhibit mission accomplishment?

    For me, the M-1114 worked well. Small enough to go where needed, protected against damn near anything other than a direct hit of any type. Lacking somewhat in dismountable Infantry.

    Bugger it, I am pissed as a newt.
  14. a helicopter..... ? :p