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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Army_Rizzle, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. I finish my phase 2 in a few weeks and Ive got to put my prefrences down for which unit I would like to go to? Has anyone got any recomendations?
  2. Would help to know what trade you are????
  3. What corps are you? Trade etc? Give us a clue!!
  4. See my ava ;)
  5. Well if you are a Royal Marine don't you think you'd be better off asking some of your fellow Royals on Rum Ration, you plank? :roll:
  6. I think that may have been a subtle hint by 1 man riot. I may be wrong.
  7. Im tech Storeman, REME.
  8. Its depends on where you want to be, I think all REME should get a first posting over to Germany like the late 80's but alas not as many good postings now adays. For you as a storeman Cfn Id say that 3 BN in Paderbourn is good, if you could do an RS Role (if still dual traded) 12 Regt RA Wksps in Sennelager would be good aswell. With Traz closing next year 1 Bn would be good as a year in Germany first to buy a car and get LOA followed by Catterick. Seeing your near SE London then 8cs in Colchester could be good but you may find out theres only really second line posts for a Class 3 Cfn storeman.
  9. As a former Tech Stmn I can recommend any of the 3 Bns in Germany. Also worth considering are RE or RA Wksps. Both are good to serve alongside. Not much choice as a crafty really. Just work hard and enjoy it and look forward to your own store as a class 1 LCpl/Cpl.
  10. RA & RE WKSPS now all LADs so dont think they have a crafty storeman agree with germany though but as 1 bat moving and kit handback already started try 2 or 3 bat prefer padd really
  11. Are you at 1 Batt (Traz) at the moment :?
  12. nope but am in traz
  13. No problems I did about 10 years in Traz on and off in Roberts, Mercer and Belfast Bks and loved the place, cant believe its closing. I was trying to get hold of the RQ up in 1 BN, will try alternative methods.
  14. ok
    have got all 1 bn numbers in work am at camp opposite prestatyn bks if any help
  15. Thats a new Bks to me, there was only Quebec, Roberts, Woolwich (big NAAFI), Belfast, Mercer and Imphal between 1988 and 2003 when I finally left :?