Which unit should I join

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JohnDutch, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. I dont mind being mobalised to Iraq etc but dont really want to get blown up by a suicide bomber. Just the fact that you dont have a fighting chance really bugs me. In respect of this what unit should I join? Do TA infantry have to do street patrols etc in Iraq?
  2. Who is nearest?
  3. I'd advise you just pick the trade you would enjoy the most. Don't worry about were you might end up, or what might happen. It's best just to enjoy yourself, a million things could happen that put you out of action, eventually you will just be too old and only be left with regrets. Sign up and get stuck in, people only regret what they didn't do.
  4. Chaps - just be a bit careful here - this looks suspiciously like someone out for a day's fishing......
  5. Thanks very muhc for the responses guys. I am nervous about joining but also dont want to regret not giving it a stab later in life. One major problem I have is the girlfriend and mum wouldnt be too keen...lol
  6. what you mean someone fishing when they phrase it like this
  7. Who you calling STAB?
  8. Heh. STAB. Oh, how the Army loves us.
  9. JohnDutch: If you can play a musical instrument, the Salvation Army sounds right up your street.
  10. I can quite understand that this would ruin your day. It would also put an unacceptable burden on your colleagues as they cover your duties and would cause much resentment. Probably best not to get blown up, then.

    Of course not. Remember, the TA are VOLUNTEERS. You don't have to do anything unless you want to. If your Platoon Commander says, "Come on, JohnDutch. Would you like to go on foot patrol in Basra and get blown up by a suicide bomber?" Just say "No thanks, but feel free to ask again next week." It won't be a problem.
  11. RLC - Bomb disposal, you'd have to work fast before the bomber lights the blue touch paper
  12. I was under the impression having read verious comments on this board that once out on deployment with the regs you are just one of them. ie if you refuse orders you will suffer the same consequences as your regular counterparts?
  13. Oh God! It was a joke. The only voluntary part of it is whether you sign on or not. (Just the same as the Regulars really).
  14. Not lost your sense of irony then, puttees.