which unit is the best

Discussion in 'RLC' started by T/J/LeGg, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. T/J/LeGg

    T/J/LeGg Old-Salt

    joining the rlc as a driver woundering whats unit to join though not sure where they are aswell any info please cheers
  2. All RLC units are pump. :)
  3. You'll join what unit you are told to join.

    Ignore Fallschirmjager, once he is downgraded with knackered knees he'll be wanting a cushy job within the RLC.
  4. Not with only 18 months to push I won't! :lol:
  5. Achilles_Toe

    Achilles_Toe War Hero

    Displaying the wrong cap badge old bean
  6. The RLC is like the Borg in Star Trek.

    Every Unit will eventually loose it's individual identity and be absorbed into the system. It's like a parasitic growth that just keeps getting bigger.

    Escape whilst you can!
  7. dingerr

    dingerr LE

    So, one last bite a the cherry to pick up your full screw :p
  8. You mean my last attempt at passing out?

    I'll get to battalion even if it kills me! :D
  9. strima

    strima LE

    Go to 68 GS, they're a quality Sqn.

    Oh wait, I'm talking bollox again!!!!
  10. ADUX

    ADUX War Hero

  11. Go for Mobile Bath & Laundry. hot showers fluffy clean breeks need i say any more.