Which unit has just returned to UK?

Just saw a bit on the news (about Cyclops' extra commitment). They showed an RA unit from Newcastle which had just returned from Afghanistan, with a brief clip of some troops.....I'm sure I saw an ugly REME c*nt I know, but lost touch with. Anyone know how I can get in touch? (if I knew which unit I could probably get hold of the Wksp CC).

There's nothing on the BBC website or North East Chronicle, and Google has let me down.

And no, I'm not a 6-month pregnant chav or c0ck hunter). :roll:
spaz said:
39 RA

Edit- Your google powers are shit.
Yeah, thanks for your help :roll:

Google also brought up 4 Regt RA, 45 Regt RA, 36 Regt RA (204 & 205 Bty). None of which mentioned recent deployment on Herrick.

Is that really you in your avatar :wink:

PM sent cf

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