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Which uniform do you think is sexiest?

I just logged on to take the test but before I answer any questions, I just want to say:

Jesus - my fecking eyes are melting - are you blind? Who decided on the colour scheme. It's actual painful to look at!
Ok, having a look at the questions -

Am I right in thinking this is a poorly designed piece of market research looking to see if people are aware of the new showroom car tax?

And the questions about the army are just distractors to increase the number of responses you'll get from people who use this website? If you're clever I'll assume the poorly designed colour scheme was also to discourage people from thinking too much about the questions so they would ignore the odd one about the tax?

Although I'll be honest, the bright green has actually given me a fecking headache.
I find my wife's Brown Owl costume rather attractive. It has nothing to with guide leadership, she is merely often dressed up as a raptor...

I'll get my feathery cloak...

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