Which TV?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by drain_sniffer, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen

    I have been given permission by the domestic COS to use some of my Op bonus to purchase a new telly..

    Now, I reckon a LCD rather than Plasma and I want something 37 inches or more, but no larger than 42.

    I have been told that Panasonic are the brand to go for because of build quality etc but I like the look of some Samsung's (they sponser the mighty blues so cant be that bad)

    Want cheap as possible because, apparantly, a new central heating system for the house is more important :roll:

    Advice please on what to look at, models to go for etc

    I thank you
  2. I have a Phillips Ambilight 37" Dont know the model just google. But bl oody awesome for movies and sport
  3. Get a Panasonic they are great have built in Freeview aswell!
  4. Is it really as good as all that? I fancy one myself and have been looking at prices over here in the land of Boxheads.

    Can you turn the Ambilight off if you wanted to?
  5. Yeah you can choose different levels of light ect, it also has freeview and usb ports with an in built media player. Best TV I have ever had, got it off a company on Ebay for £700 I think...in shops about £1300-£1500 :D
  6. I have been looking into buying a new telly also, having done the rounds of the shops this seems to be a good option though at £849 not cheap may be able to get it a bit cheaper shopping around on the internet. Also Samsung do a 4 series and a 5 series which ar a bit cheaper; this one is apparently a 6 series with all the bells and whistles


    Cheaper here:

  7. I've got a Samsung and in nearly 2 years haven't had anything to complain about. Worth a look. Maybe take a look around as some are now being made with PVRs in them. I know LG do them.

    Got mine from here: Empire Direct Good prices and quick delivery.

    Also, look at Richer Sounds as they support the military and have advertised on this site.

    Don't go to Currys unless you want to be served by surly staff who couldn't care less about you and their prices aren't that good either.
  8. As a general rule of thumb avoid LCD for TVs over 32", not cost-effective.

    However i'd avoid LCD altogether nowadays. New plasmas kick LCD's arrse performance-wise and large screens have dropped in price dramatically over the last few years.

    Panasonic are without doubt the market leaders for plasma, they get the best reviews from gadget magazines and websites. Samsung come a close second.

    Panasonic's new PX80/PZ80 range can't be bettered at the mo:-


    You won't get full 1080p HD resolution with that though, dunno if that's an issue. You might be better off spending a few quid more and getting the 42" version.

    I've the 50" PX800 and it is simply stunning.

    Similar Samsung models are slightly less expensive. Shop around, use price comparison sites, Google etc.

    I'd recommend buying from Empire Direct or John Lewis, they give 3 and 5 years warranty respectively and are reputable outlets.

    Avoid Currys and the high street unless you can get them to price-match their web prices.

    Finallly, make sure to pay by credit card if ordering online.
  9. Don't do it! Large LCD screens are crap in comparison to plasma, that's why they're so cheap.

    Golden Rule is that over 32", plasma all the way!
  10. Well seeing as i am a tight arse but wanted a fairly big model.

    I went to clearancebuy.co.uk and got a samsung 37inch,granted last years model but only cost me £490.

    Stands can be really expensive to,the one i got was £80 in currys but i went to amazon and paid £49.99 :D

    Oh and LCD with freeview,most of them have it now.
  11. Are'nt plasma screens a bit heavy on the electrical usage though?

    Also, looking at 100hz models to reduce screen flicker - is it worth it?
  12. DS, I picked up a 42" plasma for just over £900 at Richer Sounds, a Panasonic Viera, top picture and when attached to the speaker system, would give any chav in his corsa a run for his money and then some
  13. May I also suggest digital direct I got a LG 42" plasma from them last year even with the delivery charge it was still £100 odd punds cheaper than curry's 8)
  14. Thats an old rule i have a 52" 1080p lcd tv and it is awesome
  15. I like the look of the Sony 40x3500 with 100Hz scanning but it costs north of £1200 and the short arms and long pockets are keeping me in check!