Which trades (once qualified in) would allow you to do the All-Arms-Commando-Course?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Ayo_for_Yayo, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Was wondering...

    Logic would suggest, trades with the Royal Engineers cap badge, but I'm not too sure....
  2. It doesn't matter what trade you are. Amy Sapper can do the AACC
  3. Okay but your companies regiment has to APPROVE your request to do the course itself, they won't be easily drawn into risking their rep, right?

    Also each regiment must have a limited amount of people they can put forward toward doing the course...

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    ^^Would this be a favorable trade - Considering its combat orientated?

    Also where is this 8-10 week all arms commando course taken? Lympstone or North Devon where the 24th Army Commando Regt is based?
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    She must be a fit bird!!!
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  5. Are the Royal Engineers attached to 3 commando unit?
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    Very poor wind up.

    Must try harder.
  7. Here's what I found looking on the PRMC forum site...

    The main Units involved in supporting 3 Commando Brigade are the Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers. 29 Commando RA is based at the Citadel in Plymouth and 24 Commando RE is based at RMB Chivenor.

    As they are designated Commando Units most of the soldiers have undertaken the AACC and can wear their Green Lid, as well as Army Commando shoulder flashes and the Commando Dagger on their sleeve. They do have some crap hats in the units who are waiting for their course, but they're in the minority.

    There are other attached ranks to Brigade, such as Naval Medics, Naval Schoolies, REME ranks and also the Unit Chaplains, or sky pilots as they are commonly known.
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    She used to look after most of 59 according to rumours!
  9. What's with all this silly talk?

    Lets keep posts relevant to the topic?

    I'm asking for help...
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    Plumbing, as it helps with the water obstacles on the course.
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  11. Hysterical....
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    It's not a laughing matter if you get water on the brain, then you'll need a tap on the knee.
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  13. I think you'll find that the number of us "hats" at Chivenor is pretty equal due to 24 having to share with Commando Logistic Regiment (made up of RM, RN, RLC, any other number of cap badges that fancies finding themselves in Barnstable) and not all of us are waiting to be on the AACC- I've been drafted there twice now. If your after a green lid, though why not try and get the propper (no offence to the army / navy commando's out there) to go with it? Surely going Commando after joining up is normally an after thought and most people go RM?
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  14. Right! So you are saying that the level of Royal Engineers is on par with the level of Royal Logistics who are made up of RN personnel, RLC personnel and even Royal Marine personnel? Interesting.

    What trade within the Royal Engineers are you in specifically? You've been drafted where twice? North Devon, Chivenor? (I thought that's where you train there full-time) or do you mean drafted into the AACC @ Lympstone? How long were you in your trade before they drafted you in there if so?
  15. caveat: I left in 96, so this may be well out of date.

    Anyone can/could apply to 59 (or 9 sqn) to attempt AACC or P-Coy. Trade was immaterial, although a posting into the Sqn after passing the course was not guaranteed unless there was a vacancy for your trade. (I stand to be corrected on that). Probably the same now, though I understand the RE Cdo sqns are not yet full strength, according to MOD website.

    It doesn't/didn't matter if you are(were) a complete berk, or superb soldier. In the former, they'd be more than happy to let you go, and hopefully lose a biff. In the later, they would be reluctant to let a good soldier go. In the main, most applications were forwarded in good order, and few people were messed about. But if so...
    You could always call 59/9 and explain that your unit was messing you about. They would arrange with REMRO to get you on the course, but god help you if you failed and were RTU'd back to the unit where you had gone beyond peoples backs...

    No limits on the number of applicants per unit (there were never many), but the courses are not operated by 59/9, but by the Royal Marines/Dept Para. There were a limited number of places per course, on a first come-first served basis, across the whole of the Army. P-Coy is/was three weeks, AAC 8 weeks, in both cases iirc courses were run pretty much back to back. 9 sqn ran a 2-week long "pre-P Coy" build up.

    Hope that helps, it it is still in anyway relevant. If it was a 'wind up'.. :)
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