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Which trades are in field squadrons?

I ideally want to be in a field squadron when I soon join because of the combat engineering. I'm hoping to either become an armoured farmer or POM. Im just curious, which trades are most common in field squadrons, it won't affect my choices but I'm just curious.
You don't get armoured in a field squadron (unless the Terrier PIDs are armoured). All trades, less geo (who have their own Squadrons) can be found in Field Squadrons.
The trades are allocated according to the 8005, which details unit strength and trades. There's generally an even spread.
OK, as a pom would I spend all my time in vehicle as a trade or will ; as i ve heard, havey trade as a distant memory within a year and be in field sqd.
It matters not, you will be a piss head surpassing Royal standards, with a Bar. I welcome your liver to the Corps, your liver may think different.

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