Which Trade?

Hiya All,

I'm a 28 year old unfit bloke from Newcastle. I have always wanted to join the Army or TA but up to now have been too lazy to get off my ass and get it sorted. But I've decided enough is enough and I want to get my life on track and apply. However, I am seriously unfit! I am planning on joining my local BMF to help get fighting fit. When I am fit enough I'd like to join one of my local TA centres. I am lucky enough to live quite close to both an Infantry, REME, Royal Artillery & Royal Engineers centre.

My dream would be an Infantry role but I doubt that my fitness level would ever be good enough.

I would also love to learn to drive in the TA and buy my own ex-MOD Land rover to modify and keep road worthy.

I'm really not sure whether to join Infantry and specialise as a driver & mechanic (can I do this?) or join REME as a vehicle mechanic. However would I get enough of the Infantry style soldiering that I crave in REME or would I literally spend my career under vehicles?

Can anyone bare any light on both roles and give me some advice?


Firstly, about your fitness - Don't beat yourself up about it and rule out the infantry because of it.
You'd be very surprised how fit you get after doing a few runs and pushups/situps sessions. Basically, just don't rule it out. So, if its what you want to do, go start the process of joining the infantry. I'm in the infantry, and I love it. I couldn't reccomend it more.
However, it depends on what you are joining the TA for. For instance, I'm not in the TA for money or quals - but for the experience. But I know a couple of people at my unit who have been in a good few years, had tours and now are in a position where they are thinking "well, I've had a laugh along the way. But what do I have to show for it other than some new scars and a bag of war-stories?"
So if you want that angle, I'd look into joining your infantry unit and being in MT or something and getting licenses and so forth. This would fit in nicely with your Land Rover hopes!


REME all the way!!! You get to play infantry as well as spanner wanking. :D

How about joining the LAD of an infantry unit? Basically, you'd be one of a group of REME soldiers attached to an infantry unit: your choice of trades could include vehicle mechanic, vehicle electrician, armourer, etc.

Maybe pop in to see all of the units and see which one you gel with best and what they have to offer.

Good luck! :D

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