Which trade? And accommodation

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Frankie_B, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Looking around the Army careers info, I can't really see the difference between a lot of trades. EG: Information Systems Engineer and Systems Engineering Technician both sound pretty similar. What stands out is that some of them claim to offer promotion to LCpl after trade training which would be nice (money-wise).

    I wouldn't mind getting my artic licence either though, so not sure which one to go for. AFCO guys aren't much help either. I'm coming from an IT (programming) background with 6 years experience, so which trade would be best for me?

    Also, is the Army accommodation really as bad as claimed? I looked into joining RAF Regt and the RAF AFCO bloke went to great lengths to say how much better RAF accommodation was. True?

  2. Frankie

    A word of warning. If you are after some 'honest' opinions, I don't think this is the correct forum to be honest. You will probably get very blinkered and opinionated replies, mainly from those claiming to be from the best trades in the Corps.

    Im sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong, but I believe the Corps are about to make everyone coming in drive up to C+E level?? others please confirm y/n.

    Accomodation varies from unit to unit, however we have the new buil on my Unit, and I have to say it is excellent. Not too good if you want to buy your own bed, and have a huge designer wardrobe mind.

    Again, impartially with your background I would guess you would maybe be suited to IS Op - however go to the ACIO and pick up the relevant leaflets, or indeed go to the Royal Signals website. You can pick up the link from www.army.co.uk

    Hope this helps
  3. Sorry the website is www.army.mod.uk - the other one is website flogging surplus kit.
  4. Many of the Sigs bases are ex-RAF bases (including the biggest one@Elmpt), promotion is much slower in the RAF and the pays the same - so your more likely to be earning more in the Army (Sigs).

    IS Eng is probably the closest to what you do now but the Army doesn't have programmers (not sure if the RAF does). Its more networking and maybe a little DBA.
  5. Frankie you are a brave man - I did 5 years in the corps as what was then called a RTG then 5 years in IT (software development); to be brutally honest can you handle a serious pay cut (and I mean serious - if your a 6 year programmer your looking at roughly earning half as much, at least for the first year or two). For that reason (and for the built-in promotion and post-army career prospects) I would recommend going in as a Tech despite what we all say about them, especially as with your skills you will most probably bring more to it and get more out of it.
    Army accommodation is sh*te, but what you make it at the end of the day - my reg had 4 man rooms for all except JNCO's so I lived out with my Mrs in the nearest town - if you are married already then consider this as an option cos your first year's accomodation arrangements could be a potential admin nightmare too.
    That said, don't get me wrong its worth it - and everything is what you make of it, just don't choose a trade based on what people who post here write (as already stated by someone else) everyone thinks their own trade is gods own and has an infinite number of reasons why!
    Oh and for the C+E certainly don't choose your trade based on that - do sports (if your a competitive level) or something else that will keep your OC happy and you will find that most course applications you fill out will miraculously get accepted - otherwise just take it as your resettlement when you get out (I am assuming that's when you want it for - unless you have a hobby now which requires it!), seeing as with your background you probably won't be needing an IT course...
  6. Thanks for the advice guys.

    Yep - I am in for a serious pay cut at least to start. On 25k now so I guess it's gonna take quite some time for my Army pay to get back up to those sorts of levels. I'm prepared for that though, just sick of sitting at the same desk 8 hours a day for the past few years!

    The C+E was for after I leave but I guess that can wait until resettlement. Just something I've always fancied doing that can't be outsourced to another country. :)

    One more thing - I'm 25, so pretty old. How many older chaps are there likely to be in training? Should be quite strange if I'm 8 years older than everyone else in Basic. ;)

    Anyway, thanks again for the advice chaps. I've had a look on Arrsepedia and it does seem like everybody thinks their trade is gods own - no bad thing I suppose, looks like the Sigs could be fun.
  7. The army does have programmers - but they are pretty thin on the ground, working as specialists in the Royal Logistics Corps and Adjutant General Corps.

    Army accommodation is starting to pick up - almost all the single soldiers in my Regt will be in single-berth ensuite rooms within the next couple of months.

    You can go Systems Engineering Technician or Information Systems Engineer but the current belief is that they will have merged within the next 4 - 5 years anyway. I say you should go for IS Engr - it's awesome.

    You may be able to get Cat C+E licence in any trade soon - the new comms systems use big wagons which need Cat C+E drivers.
  8. Frankie B - why not look at commissioning? You have what sounds like a few brain cells so why not go for it? Officers are much better looked after and the pay will be far better. ASk at the ACIO
  9. Never met any except for TA Sigs RD's/supervisers working with Royal XY corps :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    What language do they use? My main experience has been cobol/oracle with the RAF (EDS)
  10. If you want any impartial and sensible advice then feel free to give me a shout, i am a recruiter ;)
  11. there are impartial recruiters? I've never heard of recruiters who come from the techy trades. so yer advice is likely to be anti-wiener and anti-geek is it not?:wink:
  12. Not at all, it makes no odds to me what he joins, but i would much prefer if he were going to join our Corps that he got info from a Corps recruiter and not from another cap badge ;)

    And no i am not a tech trade as you suppose, Relay all the way however i very nearly ditched it and went IS once myself until i realised what the job involved :D
  13. An impartial one?

    An RAF recruiter will tell you that the RAF was the best, Army likewise...

    Off on a slight Tangent>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    My eldest son is vaguely interested in becoming a dog handler/ trainer. His options are:

    a) He (as in Me) pays for his training, and tries to get a placement.

    b) Vet Corps, gets paid and trained, Lcpl on completion and works either as a search handler or Dog handling Instucor.

    c) RAF Police, paid and trained, Cpl and a natty white topped hat on completion of training, then specialises in dogs and spends the rest of his career on the same duties, differing posts.

    Option A dents my pocket, Option C brings shame on the family name. I sought independant advice from a RAF police dog handler. After he spent 15 minutes telling me how much better it is to only do one sort of dog training, and glossing over the police duties part, he spent another 15 telling me how crap Army dog handlers were.

    Fighting the urge to allow said Cpl the ability to whistle to his dog by parting his ARRSE cheeks, I asked how long before he would get his Sarge. "Depends on the next board, Staff" he replied sheepishly.

    My point is, seek advice on the options, but don't always follow the advice of people. Some say the Corps is sh1t, others would kill you for saying so...

    Never try to explain to the RAF what a Foreman is, they have difficulty enough dealing with LCpl's and WO2...
  14. be warned the pamphlets and website are out of date there is no longer promtion to lcpl for techs.

    You will have to do six months to a year in a working unit and then get a recommendation fror your foreman, which admiitedly is still an easier promotion path than most other trades.
  15. Not so, i have done more than my fair share of time in the Corps, and enjoyed it all fortunately, however being a father myself, if a young lad or lass came into my office then they get the full story warts and all, if they mention the RAF or the Navy then i simply tell them that there are just as many good jobs in there as in the Army but its only the individual that can make it what they want it to be,

    Perhaps impartial means something different, however i am led to believe that if they turn up at the Army office then they are looking for a job in the Army, the Navy and the RAF dont get mentioned, and so they get what they want and not what i reckon they will be good at, howe could i possibly stand there like the days of old and spout that i thought someone would make a fine infantry soldier, if i am not infantry then i wouldnt have a clue.

    However i can say that i think they would make a decent soldier and that is all that counts, i dont question their academic ability, if they have the grades, they have the barb test result and they can pass PSS(R) then they get their place at CMS(R)

    simple as :)