Which Tory MPs should be on the Defence Team next year?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fraps, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. The future of Defence and our Armed Forces seem to be in the politicians' hands. Given that a Tory victory at the next General Election seems increasingly likely, who should be on their defence team? Let's play fantasy MOD team and work out which Conservative MPs should be ministers next year.

    I will open by suggesting someone who I think has a lot of potential and is unarguably the biggest expert on Afghanistan in Parliament: Adam Holloway, MP for Gravesham. I think he should be Minister with Special Portfolio for The War in Afghanistan.
  2. Let's make sure that fcuker Arbuthnot is shot. That's a good start.
  3. Any who can meet the following requirements:

    1 Previous military service.
    2 Must be in full posession of a functioning spine and independent mind.
    3 Must be untainted by any allegations of corruption.
    4 Must be genuinely commited to the maintainence of a strong well equipped, fully manned and well paid armed forces and not just willing to pay lip service to the concept.

    I guess that rules out most, if not all Tory MPs.
  4. Wouldn't mind seeing Portillo and Soames in there!
  5. Patrick Mercer springs to mind, good all round guy.
  6. What about Hugo Swire MP, one of the chaps in Devon?
    Former Grenadier Guards, intelligent, likeable, be-spined.
    No idea about corruption etc. though
  7. It rules out most MPs. I don't think people realise that this expenses furor isn't a party issue, it affects a great many MPs across the board.
  8. I give you the Conservative PPC for North Warwickshire.

    Dan Byles

    Edit: Dan was also on the Tories 'broken covenant' panel with Freddie Forsyth last year.
  9. You are joking, Soames is nothing more than a fat useless drunken cnut, just like his grandfather, I had a meeting with him once, and he was half cut at 10 o'clock in the morning
  10. Check out my MP, Andrew Murrison. Ex RN doctor who is supposed to have taken a pay cut to become an MP. He votes and debates more than most.
  11. 'What about Hugo Swire MP, one of the chaps in Devon?
    Former Grenadier Guards, intelligent, likeable, be-spined.
    No idea about corruption etc. though"

    Swire doesn't care about The Armed Forces. He was invited, along with every other former Grenadier in Parliament to a lunch with the Battalion recently, to meet them before they deploy to Afghanistan. EVERY OTHER MP REPLIED and confirmed attendance... but not even a one line email from Swire. If that's how much he values his old regiment, think how little he must care about the wider Armed Forces. He is a non-starter.
  12. To answer your question about the ''dream team'' I think my ideal would be the generals, admirals, and (shudders) the air marshalls.
    By which I mean scrap the MOD, give the services back to their commanders. The centralising of power is an idea which doesn't work unless the unthinkable happens and it is centralised under the command of someone who gives a shit, and can think.
    But the problem with a dream team is its only in our dreams, it will end up under the same spineless career politicians as last time, and the time before that etc.
    On that note, Swire may not be so bad a choice. We could keep looking for a perfect option, then give up and look for a merely good one, but we all know we'll have to settle.
  13. Both Dan Byles and Patrick Mercer in particular would get my vote. Patrick in particular is very good behind the scenes in opposition. David Cameron would do well to consider both of these candidates.

    Equally, there are some on the conservative benches that would be as effective and regarded as TCH.
  14. Is that Patrick Mercer who decided to join Gordon Brown's big circus, erm tent? Not sure about him, though he has had a better run since showing very dodgy judgement earlier. I believe he was against the Iraq War, if so, he can be forgiven for working with the one eyed socialist.

    I'd go with Adam Holloway, he takes no s**t, gets to the root of the problem-should do well.
  15. Dr Julian Lewis is ex RNR.