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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Hazza, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi, im planning on joining the army as an officer, now, assuming all goes well (a big if! ), im unsure which regiment to join.
    Now, the roles i am particularly interested in are armoured infantry, and the Royal Tank Regiment, allow me to briefly underline my understanding of both.

    I have been told that Armoured infantry arent deployed as much as other units, and when they are, its mainly as light role. Also, im unsure as to whether you can choose to join a battalion, or do you have to pick a regiment and hope to get into an armoured infantry battalion? As an officer, what specifically will my role entail?

    Finally, my greatest misunderstanding lies with the Royal Tank Regiment, i have been lead to believe that the officers in the majority of cav regiments are very rich, this i am not, i come from a poor background, i have been told that the mess fees alone can add up to huge proportions of the wage, is any of this true? I have also been told that the RTR is sort of, a tesco economy of armoured regiments ( no offense intended to those currently serving!), as you dont have to be super rich to join as an officer, and also, what will be role include?

    Any light shed would be very helpful. Thanks
  2. If you aren't resourceful enough to solve this without embarrassing yourself on the internet then I suggest that being an officer is not for you.
  3. Hang on there a minute, if you are referring to my post being in an incorrect area, then i apologise for not being massivley familiar with this forum.

    And if you refer to the content of my post, I dont really have any knowledge on what goes on, so if i have posted something so ridiculous please let me know, rather than implying that i am some sort of moron. What I have posted is purely based on word of mouth, and I would first like to gather information before presenting it to a recruiting officer of sorts. So, what exactly have i done wrong here?
  4. I call Wah. And I bet his next question is "What's a Wah?"
  5. Brilliant, thanks for your help, thats been really useful
  6. So far you are failing dismally, you want to be an officer?
  7. Bye, hope you enjoyed your stay.
  8. yes i do want to be an officer, and im gonna stick around reading you peoples crap until someone with an ounce of bloody decency wants to chuck me a damn rope.
  9. You want the honour of commanding men in battle but fall to pieces over an internet spat, take a good look at yourself.
  10. Im not being funny, but i've only asked a few simple questions, and i would just like some honest advice from some people that have/are serving, and know what they are talking about, call me foolish, but i thought this was the place to go. I realise that i could have looked it all up on random websites, or contact my local recruiting office, but i figured it would be a good idea to try and get some snippets of information from people who know what they are talking about. If you want me to just leave it, i will, and i shall find another way. Its up to you, as you are the people im trying to be enlightened by.
  11. How about, I don't ever want someone like you to be in command of myself or anyone around me? And therefore, bugger orf, old bean.
  12. And that's leadership is it?
  13. well, i must admit, im still pretty bemused, but cheers anway
  14. Well coming here is one step above random websites I suppose. Still, I'm shocked to discover that the people at the recruiting office won't know what they're talking about!

    Assuming you're not a wah we'll likely all see you rear your head again in the multitude of AOSB threads.
  15. You are right i suppose, i just would like to get a bit informed before i go, so, i figured it was probably better to make a fool of myself here, than in front of someone.