Which Theme should the Red-ARRSE get by Default

Which Theme as Default?

  • Old ARRSE (dark blue and black) - ie cpgnuke

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  • New light blue one - ie fisubsilversh

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  • Total voters
I am considering winding back the clock and making the default ARRSE colours the old dark blue and black as in the good old days of "As banned by JDSC" (newer members change your theme to cpgnuke in your preferences to step back in time).

This would mean that anyone new to the site would see the site that way instead of the light blue job - it wouldn't change the appearance for members.

This may seem utterly unimportant to you and you'd be right, but while I'm down in the weeds of the site upgrade it's life and death stuff to me.

Your votes please!
Having trialled all 3 in the last 2 mins - fisubsilversh for me.

Dragonfly fcuks up the RHS of the front page for me. Donations, survey, Latest pics etc all look weird.
Corporal said:
Old ARRSE for me.
sexual preferences should be stated in the NAAFI!!!!
New one, although the theme that was available (subSilver - I think) before the upgrade was good. I couldn't work with the dark colours.
this one is just fine.. less obvious when "working"... ahhem.
The 'Old ARRSE' theme was hardly an ergonomic delight. I don't see why anyone should have to put up with it again! The newer themes are far more pleasing to the eye, and will attract more newbies - which is what I suspect you're after, if the planned move to the Bahamas is ever going to materialise. :D
Old_Arrse is the way ahead.

I disagree msr, i think New_ARRSE is the way forward. There is always the option to personalise your ARRSE to the old style if you are still set to have it, having seen more than a few changes to the site like yourself New_ARRSE is the way ahead.
I think they should have the big bad bright colours, so it makes them change it and they have to visit their account. They should also get themselves a few medals by contributing some dosh and then I might be nice to them. Like that will happen. He he he
I wondered what was going on. I'd put it down to using baker's yeast in the grape juice instead of the good stuff.

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