Which target pistol (air)?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by longhair, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. I'm wondering about taking up 10m air pistol. I did rather well with some spring pistols recently and reckon it might be worth trying something a bit more competitive, without going to the crazy Olympic levels of price and supplementary kit.

    I've read lots of reviews in the air-gun forums, but there are some entrenched opinions out there.

    I've narrowed down to either the HW40 or the Gamo Compact, but wonder if I should be considering others. I don't want to inherit problems so would be buying new - and those two give you an idea of my budget.

    I have an indoor 15m space so no problem setting up my own range, club ranges are miles away and don't really cater for pistol.

  2. Try and find a FAS Model 604 - it is exactly the same shape and feel as the .22 and .32 versions, in fact, I used all three with equal lack of great success before the Great Handgun Betrayal. I still have mine, and it is the only target single-stroke pneumatic that actually LOOKS like a real target pistol. As an ambidex, I have left and right hand Morini grips, and very useful it can be when teaching noobs to shoot a target handgun. I also have a Steyr LP-5, but that is in a different part of the shooting and price spectrum - the FAS is a 10m only gun, whereas I can shoot the Steyr at 20 yards.

    The added benefit of the single-stroke pneumatic is that idoes not require all the compressed air gubbins that goes with the other PCP tpes.

  3. Oy, you!

    I took time out of my busy career being a miserable old git to answer your question. The least you could do is to respond to it.

    Bloody ingrate.

  4. See PM
  5. The obvious answer is try a few.

    I used Steyrs to county level (I still have an LP10 in the attic) and found them to be excellent. Others swore by Hammerli etc.
  6. The OP does not wish to pay more than £200.

  7. AAGF


    I've had one of these for over 10 years and it's still a tack driver at 10m. Dunno what the UK price would be but Pyramydair.com (where I bought mine) has them for less than $500 ...

    IZH (Baikal) 46M Match Air Pistol

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  8. Off topic slightly, I've never fired an air pistol but I was once told that it's arguably the hardest of the shooting disciplines. Given the experience here, what do you blokes reckon?
  9. £449 ouch :(
    If you want one in the uk
  10. I dunno about that but the Webley over-barrel spring guns were supposed to be good training for more serious handguns due to the recoil characteristics caused by the spring boinging about hither and thither.
  11. The Gamo Compact is a decent enough little pistol to start target shooting with. Even I can hit the target with one. Or go for quality and try a second hand FWB65, you get the choice between recoil and recoiless then.
  12. AAGF


    That for the Baikal? Damn - Russian import and goes for $479 NiB in the US (was around $249 when I bought mine) ...
  13. Don't worry this is normal behaviour
  14. Typical $=£ on imports :(
  15. Agreed they were rather nifty, I used one for a couple of years, even doing Duke of Edinburgh Bronze in air pistol (using a .177 barrel). The .22 was kept for vermin and those low flying rabbits with long tails off the estate, .22 was enough to bring most small edibles down without too much disturbance or turning same into flying mince with .410 and annoying sundry grown ups