which tablet for around £100

Kindles tend to be overpriced, you should find you get more for your money with the Nook, or a Kobo. Anything the Kindle can do, it's competitors can do.


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I'll have a chat to Moses.
An 'old' Kindle is brilliant - you can read it in bright sunshine no problem. You cannot read a Fire in the sun.

Same with any tablet with a shiny screen, but then with a tablet or Fire, you can read them in low light / night.

Me, I've got one of each! Kindle is just fabulous and I also have a 7 inch Samsung - lots of fun things can be done with it and I have lots of books on there too.

So you pays your money and you makes your choice.


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Acer Iconia B1 Tablet PC - Tablets | Ebuyer.com

£20 cashback to get a 32gb micro sd card as well.
Junk. I didn't know anyone made 0.3 MP cameras. Poor battery life.

Misdescribed by EBuyer as having Bluetooth, which I really needed, in fact, the only reason I'd bought it. It doesn't have Bluetooth.

I sent it back and got an e-mail saying they'd refunded my credit card. I noticed that they didn't mention how much they'd refunded. I rang the card issuer, rather than wait a few weeks for a statement, and they haven't refunded their shipping charges. Someone had thought out the cunning plan of keeping the postage costs and confirming the refunds with a misleading e-mail.

Note to self; in future, anything priced just below the £100 threshold (£99 when I bought it) of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (which requires the card issuer to refund you for defective goods) should ring mental alarm bells.



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Kindle fire, or even go the extra mile of the Kindle fire HD, don't go for the Nook, they're less founded and quite new on the market therefore any anomaly's in their production haven't been noticed yet or what their capable of. Be on the safe side go for the Kindle.
i got the Mrs a kindle fire and to begin with i thought it was great, then i noticed there are hardly any apps available. so when i came to by one i got a hp slate 7 works great and all apps in the google play store work on it, also my son has a cnm 7 inch tablet which is good take a look at them before you settle for anything else
If I didn't have the ipad I'd possibly consider the Nexus if my budget restricted me, also most of these tablets run a limited App Store compared to the ipad.

You can even pick up a ipad1 for a little over £100 and eventually trade it in & upgrade when your able to increase your budget.
Although it costs more than £100 to buy I got a Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 inch tablet free with my Galaxy S2 phone. Worth considering looking around if you're upgrading or getting a new mobile contract.
Wife and our 2 daughters all have galaxy tab 2 7.0 and they all love them. Fantastic bits of kit. Amazon have tailored the Android OS of Kindle fire to suit themselves which loosely translates into making them some follow on revenue.
+1 for the Galaxy Tab. My 5 year old lad got one for his birthday and its great, thats when he can get a go on it as SWMBO is always playing Candy Crush on it.

BlackBerry play books are fairly robust but have limited number of apps.

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