Which TA unit should I Join??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ninjabird, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Im looking to join the TA but am struggling with which unit to join. I live on the lancs/yorks border and would like a job as a driver of some sorts as im a driving instructor. Been to a ACIO in lancashire but they could only give me info of NW units and not the NE units. Unsure if i should be looking for a RLC or a REME unit? Help please!!
  2. You piss taking C**t join tthe regs
  3. **** off you illiterate keyboard spasming moron.

    OP, why do what you do for a day job in your spare time? 53 Military Intelligence Coy have dets in Gateshead and Coulby Newham.
  4. It says in his post he's a Driving Instructor...
  5. You've defeated me there Sparky. Are you saying that because 53 coy are northern they are too poor to have driving licences and get to training in twoced motors and therefore (s)he would be contantly spammed with providing buckshee driver training to ease the OC's court attendance burden or are you suggesting that a being a driving instructor makes one unsuitable for MI?
    Just wondering.
  6. Ah the plot thickens so Sparky you do know me.
  7. thanks for the replies so far and i am a 'she' rather than a 'he'!!! Anything closer than warrington? im inbetween preston and bradford location wise. And just to add i have already had a few of you military boys for retests due to driving offences haha :)
  8. 55 MI coy, Chorley det.
  9. Could the old double nickel cope though.
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  10. Instead of the TA, how about Mountain Rescue? There's plenty of units up your way.
  11. Can you get to Leeds ?
  12. What about that REME ta depot at clifton?
  13. He says he wants to be a drivier, so he either wants to be C15 or be badged RLC

    Hmmmm, I think the OP may just have found a niche market and prove indispensible.

    On further reading, I see the OP is a "she", it's a shoe in then.
  14. Where can't you join as a female??

    If there is such a unit I'll transfer to them, they sound like a right laugh!