Which TA unit should I consider in the Londonderry area ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Monty Bren, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Dear All

    I’m considering joining a TA unit in the Londonderry area.
    (Caw Camp would be the nearest for me)

    I recently took a redundancy package in civvieland and so I'll have plenty of free time for the next while.

    I’m the ripe old age of 41, but getting fairly fit again now that I have more spare time.

    But at my stage, I’m not interested in an infantry unit.

    If possible, my preference would be for one of the following posts :

    HGV Driver
    Recce Mechanic
    Vehicle Mechanic
    Comms Systems Operator

    From my research online, I gather there is a lot of Re-Org etc. going on at the moment

    Which local unit would be my best bet ?

    i.e, fairly well resourced, currently recruiting and genuinely keen on welcoming and training up mature (but fit and keen) new entrants, and a unit that should have a good enough short to medium term future ?

    Many thanks

    Monty Bren
  2. Going in as a driver myself mate

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  3. On paper these trades are available, but I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge/experience of which local / national TA unit I'll have the best chance in reality of getting regular training and experience in the trades I've listed. I don't want to join any unit and have any unrealistic expectations of the type of training I'm going to get in reality. That's no good to them or me.
  4. I'm not sure if the TA Medics are still in Clooney or if the camp is still open but the Medics there were a cracking bunch!
  5. Would of thought balleykelly would be nearest camp these days
  6. If theres nothing about pop down to cable st in the bog they do weapon handling etc most eves
  7. Apparently they do a good line in fuel supply OP's as well, and lot's of HGV driving experience is available. Thanks, but no thanks though, i'd find the headgear too itchy.
  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    Have you read the links on this page?

    Territorial Army | Reserve Forces | RFCA
  9. I did, thanks.

    152 (Ulster) Transport Regiment and 253 (North Irish) Medical Regiment seem to be the nearest for me.

    Which one would be the best bet ?
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    Phone them up and see if you can arrange a visit.
  11. I will, but I was hoping for a bit more feedback/guidance first. There's also additional security headaches in NI. A pop in visit may not be that easy/convenient for everyone. Given I've detailed what I'm after, I was really hoping someone could give me some independent feedback/guidance here based on experience of the units before I contact the units in question and take up their time, and it's always valuable to get a few external opinions of units as well, I was hoping that's where ARRSE might come in.
  12. From the lack of responses, and reading other threads on here, am I right in thinking that although trades/specialism are available on paper in the TA, trade/specialist role training available in the TA is in reality a bit hit and miss ?

    I'm trying do decide between driver or mechanic with the 152 (Ulster) Transport Regiment, or medic with the 253 (North Irish) Medical Support.

    Any opinions along these lines would be appreciated.
  13. You missed out the "s".
  14. Try the SAS forum, you steely eyed dealer of death.
  15. Try the fancy dress shop if you want to play dress up.