Which TA in/around Leeds?


I'm thinking about joining the TA and was wondering if anyone had any info on the different units around Leeds. I'd be looking to join as an officer if possible. I work in the NHS but my job doesn't exist in the army so I'm a little unsure as where to look? The job is less important than the people I'd be with.

I would like a unit that is friendly, good atmosphere/morale and got a range of people with decent banter. I have gone to the recruitment office but they couldn't really tell me about the units themselves.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


DLOY in Wigan, not in Leeds not even in Yorkshire but great bunch, travel should not be a problem
64 Sig Sqn in Sheffield. Any idea what you want to do and how far you want to travel?
LI in Wakey, used to be a Sig Regt in Leeds on Wetherby Rd.
38 I think?

Long gone I'm afraid; those members who stayed have become part of 299 PARA Squadron Royal Engineers, who incidentally are looking to recruit at the moment, especially young officers.

roxie_leeds, are you male or female; your user name is a bit ambiguous and it would help us suggest a good unit for you.
Can Smudger reccomend a unit?
Look no further than the middle of Leeds

Carlton Barracks, Carlton Gate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 1HE

Parade Times: Tuesday, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Recruiting Contact: Recruiting Team on 01904 668646.

Alternative number for the Squadron HQ is 0115 9789024.
53 Military Intelligence Coy, York. Go on you know it makes sense.

Duncombe Barracks,
Burton Stone Lane,
YO30 6BU

01904 644046
217 Transport Squadron (V)RLC
TA Centre, Churchill Barracks, Whitelock Street, LEEDS, LS7 1AP

If you don't want a busmans holiday and want to get away from NHS/Medical stuff then thats the place to go. HGV license up to cat C+E, HAZMAT license anything to do with driving really. Always looking for good blokes(and Girls) and always keen to recruit officers with the right quals.

The Squadron is equipped with the Leyland-DAF Demountable Rack Off Load and Pick up System (DROPS) also known as a Medium Mobility Load Carrier (MMLC) It is capable of carrying 15 tons of stores or equipment cross country, this capacity can be doubled by the coupling of a trailer.

In additoin to the DROPS vehicle the Squadrons are equipped with the All Terrain Fork Lift Truck, Fuel Tankers, 350cc Motorcycles, Fitted For Radio (FFR) Land-Rovers, Field Catering Equipment and Modern Weapon Systems

Soldier Trades

To enable the Squadron to operate the Hi-tech vehicles and equipment, our soldiers are highly trained and skilled in a wide variety of trades, these include: Driver (C+E), Driver Radio Operator, Chef, Millitary Accountant and Clerks and Combat Medical Technicians.

The Squadron also has a Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (REME) Workshop Section attached, who provide the trained Vehicle Mechanics, Electricians, Metal Smiths and Recovery Mechanics with skills and expertise in the repair of all the Squadron's equipment.


Agreed. 4 Para is the way forward. Look at the website and get on the next cadre.

If you are going to do it, you may as well go all out.
Of course the original poster would have to go through standard recruit training prior to joining a suitable Corps, which would then allow her to serve as a medic/clerk/chef etc attached to 4 Para. SHE would be elligible to attempt TA AAPPS (TA P Coy) if she wanted to.

(Tip - it pays to read the thread all the way through before offering advice!)
I'd be interested in what you're likely to go for now Roxie, after hearing all of the advice. To be fair, there are a lot of units within the Leeds/Pudsey/Bradford area. It all depends on the trade you'd like to focus on. You have RA/ENG/INF/MED/SIGS all local to you: you'll find that most units are friendly and welcoming etc.

Additionally, depending on your age, you could attend Leeds OTC if you want to go the Officer route. They are starting a trial this year whereby they'll conduct a majority of the Regions Officer training. Do that, use the time to figure what trade you'd like, then swap once your phase 1 Officer training is complete.
Think I might still head for medic side and if that turns out to be not for me I'll have a look into other units.

Whats that about the OTC side of things? I thought that was purely students? Would you still join a unit or do you have to go through the otc?
Unless you are going down the professional medic route (in which case your only option is 212 Field Hospital in Leeds) the officer training process will be the same no matter which unit you join. At the minute the OTC is only students but plans are afoot to train all officers via the UOTC.

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