Which specialist should I go to?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Flatcap, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Ok, the problem is one of trying to sort out a multitude of issues without spending alot of money.

    I have:

    1) Inherent issues with a collapsed arch on the right foot (sorted with insole and good trainers)
    2) A rather shafted right ankle after going over on it and never going to seek proper medical help (just battle on through and in a few weeks it'll be fine - 1 year later it is not)
    3) After a training run in the hills to try and strengthen my ankle, I suffered from agonising right knee pain, consisting of tight ligaments a horrid clicking and burning down the outside of the side to the knee to the calf and inability to squat.

    I had a similar knee injury about 15 years ago (twisted it out of position whilst on a climbing wall - a gymnast I am not) and it feels similar to that now.

    However, apart from cutting my right leg off, I am trying to find one specialist to sort out all three issues. I am not in private care, getting an appointment with the right NHS specialist could take ages and i am trying to control the costs. So to that end, who do i go and see? A private osteopath, a sports injury expert or private physio?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated


  2. Prob with the choose and book system is the relative inflexability. I am going through that system for something else (sounding like a complete hypercondriac - but I am under orders of the long haired general to sort myself out) and it works but still looking at 6 weeks before i can get to see someone, where-as a private high street based individual would be a good option. The costs for a sports injury clinic is around £30 per session and i can make an appointment for next week, but I want to make sure I get the right expert.
  3. It depends what background the 'sports injury specialist' is? Some are physios, some have orthopaedic backgrounds, one I know of is a former A&E consultant but some are just masseurs with delusions of grandeur! Without a proper diagnosis, it would be hard to tell you what to go for tbh. I agree with jarrod, you'd be better off seeing an orthopod initially, get a definitive diagnosis (or multiples of) THEN decide if you need a physio or osteopath. In the grand scheme of things 6 weeks isn't long, alternatively, get personal recommendations and get a specific referral to a specific surgeon.

    At the very least your GP can start the ball rolling by referring you for MRI scans of knee and ankle, which is probably the first thing the surgeon will do, so if its already in the pipeline it saves some time.
  4. Sound advice guys. It's a bit annoying really, after just getting on with it and battling through one injury after another, I have evetually decided enough is enough (well the missis has, after getting sick of my whinging) but I get impatient when I have to wait even 6 weeks (hence the reason why i haven't sorted it before I guess).

    My fault it has got to this stage really.


  5. I can relate to this.

    The arches of my feet have collapsed and I was suffering with terrible shin splints for a while because of it. I also badly injured my ankle on P Company, which in turn had me running and favouring one leg which led to even more problems!!

    Okay............. so there isnt really a specialist who can fix all this and your GP isnt going to be much use either. The best I could suggest would be a sports injury clinic.

    For me personally, I changed two things which now has me running, tabbing and training/fighting (MMA) pretty much pain free.

    1. I bought various insoles including orthotics but nothing worked - in the end SOLE Ultra insoles went in my combat boots and Sole Regulars went in my running shoes. When you get them, they go in the over for 2 mins, soften up and when you stand in them they mould to the shape of your feet. Unbelieveable comfy - great arch support!!

    2. When running in the hills I always wear decent combat boots with the SOLE Ultras in - when on flat tarmac I wear trainers to gradually build ankle strength post injury. I also swim, cycle (balls of your feet on the pedals and exagerate the pedalling movement with your ankles) and use exercise resistance bands to strengthen.

    Mate I spent over a grand on various insoles, running shoes and expert advice - nothing worked. In the end those insoles and some basic strengthening exercises sorted it all for me.

    .....................and no I do not work for SOLE :D
  6. I am currently awaiting first appointment with an NHS Podiatrist, who I think is the person you should be seeing. They can give gate analysis, and create corrective orthotic inserts if necessary.

    When my arthritis was diagnosed the GP said, yep, its OA, live with it, and take pain killers as necessary, and prescribed diclofenac. (Pooh GP1)

    I now know my feet are not size 9 anymore. They are when Im sat down, but grow when I stand up nearly two full sizes, this down to collapsed arches and (blush) being the wrong side of ** stone.

    My GP (Lovely GP2) was very enthusiastic about me contacting her, and wants me to return if the podiatrist is in the least poo.
  7. Right, after being told by my GP about the wait to see what might or might not be the right person, I parted with £41 to see a sports injury physio at Connect. After a chat about the history behind the injuries and some prodding and poking, she found the cause of the problem. Apparently by turning over my ankle in the manner that I did last year, the force pulled out the Fibula at the knee joint and sciatic that normally runs behind the end of the Fib is now sitting in an awkward position, such that the nerve is almost always in tension. 35 mins and a few quid lighter (so far) the issue is identified and hopefully a few courses of manipulation and i'll be on the way to recovery.

    The lesson therefore is the right person for me was a sports injury specialist. Not that anyone cares, but thanks for all the advice etc anyway.